Meet the Team: Bisola Kamara

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July 13, 2023
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"Solo traveling helped me realize how much I enjoy my own company and how well I navigate unfamiliar places."

Tell us about you! (Where are you from, hobbies/interests, things you do outside of work!)

Hey everyone, I'm Bisola. My Sierra Leonean and Nigerian parents raised me in Maryland before I moved to Arizona almost eight years ago. Like most people from Maryland, I still believe Maryland has the best flag and blue crabs!

When I'm not working, I'm either traveling (or thinking about traveling), watching movies, playing video/board games, figure skating (no, I can't do a triple axle, haha), or relaxing with my boyfriend and cat. I'm also a super proud Hufflepuff and a lover of Disney parks, so I go to Universal Studios or Disney Parks whenever possible.

What does a Product Designer do anyway? How did you get into Product?

As a Product Designer focused on time-to-value (TTV), I'm responsible for designing the user interface and experience that ensures our members can quickly understand our value, regardless of whether they have paid for our service.

My journey to becoming a product designer was a gradual one. I've always been passionate about designing and developing user experiences focusing on accessibility. Still, I needed to figure out how to do that for a career. So I graduated with a Bachelor's in Systems & Computer Science from Howard University and started my tech career as a Software Engineer. From there, I became a Web Developer, Design Technologist consultant, UX Designer consultant, then eventually a Product Designer.

What's your favorite thing about your role here at Going?

It's hard to choose my favorite thing about my role (the people, mission, and so much more), but the biggest thing that sticks out is how much we actively listen to our members and their needs. We read and consider all the feedback our members send in, and we use that to improve the Product. It's so refreshing to see how dedicated we are to our members.

What advice would you give to a candidate interested in working at Going?

Bring forward your authentic self and show how passionate you are about your craft/skillset and traveling.

What brought you to Going the first place? What's your why?

I've been using Going (then Scott's Cheap Flights) as a paid member since the beginning of 2022, but I had heard of the service a few years before that (I admit, I initially thought it was a scam). Randomly I saw a LinkedIn job post for this role and read more about the company's mission and values. They aligned so well with my own way and approach to traveling. I love being able to help people travel and experience the world, whether it's helping my friends plan their trips or giving travel advice, and being at Going allows me to continue to do that.

What travel experience moved you the most?

My first solo trip. I went to Portland, OR for a long weekend in August 2016. I planned to go there with a friend, but I decided to go alone when they realized they couldn't. I was nervous yet excited to see this city I had been looking forward to it for so long. Once I was there, I had an amazing time. Solo traveling helped me realize how much I enjoy my own company and how well I navigate unfamiliar places. After this successful trip, I was empowered to travel solo to other domestic and international cities, including Los Angeles, CA, Orlando, FL, and Milan, Italy.

What always makes you laugh, no matter what?

My Siamese cat, Iris, whenever she miscalculates a jump and slowly (yet gracefully) falls to the ground. It's a hilarious sight.

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July 13, 2023
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