Turkey Visa Guide

November 30, 2023
3 min read
November 30, 2023
3 min read
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American citizens who want to visit Turkey for the purposes of tourism will need to apply ahead of time for a tourist visa. This is a process that can be done online (e-Visa) or in person at a Turkish consulate. 

Note that this guide does not take into account any additional, temporary requirements in place during the Covid pandemic. For the most up-to-date Covid requirements, visit the Turkey embassy website

  • Visa needed for US citizens: Yes
  • Visa types for US citizens: Tourist e-visa 
  • Visa application: Online  
  • Visa issued: Online 
  • Cost: $50
  • Timing: 48+ hours in advance 
  • Length of validity: 180 days
  • Max length of stay: 90 days

Applying for the visa online is a pretty simple process, and it can be done still just a few days before you depart. You should apply directly on the Republic of Turkey Consular Services website. Do not attempt to use a third-party vendor. 

Transit passengers not leaving the airport and cruise ship passengers are typically exempt from needing a visa. 

Who Needs a Visa to Visit Turkey?

US passport holders wanting to visit Turkey will need to apply ahead of time for an e-visa.

Travelers transiting through the Istanbul Airport who plan to stay only in the transit area will not need a visa to board their next flight. Cruise ship passengers who will be visiting Turkey as a port of call don’t typically need a visa either. Cruise ship passengers are allowed to come ashore for a shore excursion through special arrangements made by your cruise line. It’s still best to confirm with your cruise line that you don’t need to apply ahead of time for your e-Visa.

What Types of Visas are Available for US Citizens?

The main visa that American travelers will apply for is the tourist e-Visa. The visa will be valid for 180 days from your arrival date, but your stay cannot exceed 90 days. Anything beyond that would require an application for a residence permit. When you apply for your e-Visa as a citizen of the United States, you will be applying for a multi-entry visa.

How to Apply for a Turkish Visa

 Applying for a Turkish visa is quite simple. You just need your passport information and a credit card to complete the application online.

Required Documents and Information

  • Passport (note your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your entry dates)
  • Details of your upcoming visit to Turkey.


The cost is $50, paid by credit card; there is no way to pay for the visa by cash.

If you do not have a credit card, someone else can make the payment for you. Your payment is only charged on successful visas. This means that if you are denied for some reason, or there is a processing problem, you will not be charged.


Apply at least 48 hours in advance

You should find out right away if your visa is approved, but it’s recommended you apply at least 48 hours before you travel. You can enter your intended arrival date in your application, so you can easily apply months ahead of your trip in case something goes wrong.  

How to Apply

To apply for your Turkish e-Visa, you will need to visit the e-Visa page on the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. If you are traveling with family members, you can add all parties under the same application (up to 10 people) and pay for all visas with one lump sum payment.

  1. Click on APPLY NOW at the top of the page.
  2. Fill out your passport country, type, and the security code.
  3. List your intended arrival date in Turkey. The visa will be valid for 180 days from the first date you plan to enter the country. If you need to change the date and realize you are arriving earlier, you will need to apply for a totally new e-Visa.
  4. Fill in all of your identifying criteria, including parents’ names, passport information, and contact information. To enter your middle name, it will go in the same line as your “Given Name(s)” with a space in between the two.
  5. There is a button to add another person. You will use this if you are traveling with other family members and want to apply together. 
  6. Enter your payment information and submit.
  7. You will receive a decision right away and a link to download your approval information if approved.

In the event your application is not approved, you will receive instructions that you will need to visit your nearest Turkish embassy or consulate for more information. If you need to make an appointment for an in-person visa, you will need to visit the Republic of Turkey Consular Services website.

  3. Choose which Consulate you wish to apply at: Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Miami. You can also choose the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC.
  4. Follow the directions and have any required documents necessary to get an appointment date.
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