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Why get deals for points and miles

Airlines intentionally make points confusing. Going helps travelers use their points and miles with confidence.

1. Free travel.

Buy a dozen eggs and fly for free. When you make regular purchases or book other flights, you secure free flights in the future.

2. Business class seats.

Flying with rewards is the most accessible way to fly business class, nonstop, during peak season, and to far away destinations with roundtrip dates that are easy to use.

3. High-value redemptions.

Our team can find long-haul international flights for as low as 18,000 points roundtrip, so your dream vacation can become a reality.

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Past deals we sent members

Business class
68k points

Spain RT

Normal points price:
150k points
Normal cash price:
44k points

Tokyo RT

Normal points price:
120k points
Normal cash price:
Peak season
24k points

Paris RT

Normal points price:
100k points
Normal cash price:

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40-90% off roundtrip cash deals

Access to economy, business, first class, and Mistake Fares

Average savings of $550 on economy flights

Even bigger savings for higher fare classes

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Members love Going with Points

"I received the points [deal] on flights to New Zealand from LAX.  We got round-trip tickets for 37,400 points!!! Insane!! And the next day, when I looked, it was back up to 108,000 points. […] Thank you, and we are super excited about our upcoming trip!"

- Heidi

"I am new to the points game. I have been reading and logging into different airline rewards programs for months, to no avail. I could never find the really great deals. Today I just booked [my honeymoon] for less than a domestic flight would have cost … in business class!! Signing up for your Elite package was the best money I’ve ever spent! You now have a customer for life! Thanks again to your entire team!"

- Corby

"We ended up booking four tickets [to Paris] for a total of 120,000 points and just under $800. What a steal! The whole process was seamless and saved us thousands over purchasing without alerts from Going. We’ll get to take a perfectly timed trip to Paris with our kids, all for the sign-up bonus from a credit card and less than a thousand dollars in taxes/fees with the airline."

- Aaron

Got questions?
We got answers.


We search for deals from every card and airline’s programs, but the deals we send are subject to availability and if they meet our quality standards. In general, we’ll highlight the 2-4 best avenues for booking a deal, as you can book different airlines in the same deal. You can also transfer different points from different cards.


The number of Going with Points deals you'll receive depends on your departure airports and award availability - but in general, you can expect to receive 1-4 Points deals each week.


In the deals we send, we’re quoting the prices we consider to be the best and most accessible to the widest range of members, so you know you’re getting great value for your points. All the deals we find are round trip, though they will also work as one-way flights. We also send deals in all fare classes, including economy, business, and first.


Yes! We will only send deals that have a minimum of 2 seats per departure date, though we’ll indicate in the email if there are 4+ seats available on most dates. Keep in mind that the better the deal, the more likely it is to sell out - so if you see a deal you want to book for multiple travelers, you'll want to move quickly!


At this time, Points deals are email-only and are not hosted on the Going website. All of the booking details will be included in the email you receive, and you can follow the booking links directly from that email.

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