DEI at Going: Esther Kwak

Social Media Manager

Esther Kwak

How have benefits and/or policies (parental leave, healthcare, etc.) at Going helped you?

I honestly always rave about our benefits and policies at Going to my family and friends. Knowing that my overall wellness is valued and that I’m encouraged to take time off to take care of my mental or physical health through our unlimited PTO, working while traveling, flex Friday policies gives me peace of mind and helps prevent burn out. I never realized how valuable flexibility is to me when it comes to work and it is absolutely a game-changer when your company supports it too.

How has DEI impacted your personal experience working at Going?

I’ve never worked at a company as diverse as Going. Knowing that we’re a company with DEI at the forefront of our minds when it comes to hiring and being able to actively reflect that in our teams, benefits/policies, and trainings has impacted my personal experience because it shows me that all people are genuinely welcomed, accepted, and wanted in this workplace and each individual is valued for their uniqueness. We're not expected to fill anyone's shoes but to rather just bring our own pair.

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