DEI at Going: Ryan Lim

Sr. People Ops Specialist

Ryan Lim

Why are you passionate about DEI?

As I identify with multiple underrepresented communities, it is so important to me that my place of work prioritizes creating a safe, welcoming, and vibrant community of people from a wide variety diverse backgrounds.

How has being part of the DEI committee enriched your experience at Going?

Being at the forefront of change for good allows me to make a lasting impact on the future of Going.

Getting to work with other DEI-focused individuals allows me to challenge my own ideas and push myself even further in my personal development.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the DEI committee?

DEI at Going does not feel like a checkbox to cross off or a shield to hide behind. Instead, it truly feels like all of us are committed to making Going the best place possible to work, for everyone.

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