DEI at Going: Sydney Devries

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Sydney Devries

How have benefits and/or policies (parental leave, healthcare, etc.) at Going helped you?

The benefits and policies at Going are reflective of the company's person-first approach to running a business. I've personally benefitted from,

- flexible time-off and ability to take personal or recharge days when needed,
- monthly wellness stipend that goes towards my online yoga membership,
- access to Talkspace which has allowed me the means to kickstart my therapy journey and
- extensive healthcare coverage that ensures my health needs are being met.

All of the thought, care and action that has gone into such initiatives is a genuine demonstration of the inclusive culture continuing to be built at Going. Additionally, the team's support to ensure benefits and policies are actioned is a testament to how we all care for one another as a person first and employee or colleague second.

In what way(s) do you feel the DEI efforts at Going support members?

In the short time that I've been with Going, I've seen DEI efforts continue to grow and support our members in small and big ways. For example, the team has put focus on accessibility in our emails and on our website, created extensive guidelines to make sure flight deals and information shared is both safe and inclusive, and expanded our Scholarship program to provide additional access to travel. I witness and experience Going team members working each day to ensure the brand represents every individual that we proudly serve. I feel that there is little disconnect between the Going team and our members. There is a focus to ensure each individual writing in is seen and heard. Valuable feedback as to how we can continue to do and be better is frequently discussed and actioned with care and kindness.

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