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Meet the new brand that’s still helping you travel the world.

Going reveals a world of greater travel possibility

Everyone loves to travel. No. Doubt. About. That. The opportunity to try new things and meet new people? There’s nothing quite like it. But why does it sometimes feel so hard to do?

Going roots for you, not just in getting your ticket but every moment before and after. We may look different, but we still have the same passion for travel. You can expect bigger and better things from us as we help you find those extra special deals to extraordinary destinations. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Going.

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What do you need to know?

Prices aren't changing

A mobile app is coming.

The wheels are in motion and members will be the first to know.

There's more to enjoy

There’s more to enjoy.

Stay tuned for a few more announcements in the coming months.

Our mission is the same

Our mission is the same.

We still help people travel and experience the world.

Don’t worry,
Scott's still here.

Sit down with co-founders Scott and Brian for a tell-all about the year-long process of bringing Going to the world.

Learn the design story behind our new look

Hear from Derek Cann, VP of Marketing and Kim Fred, Senior Director of Brand as they take a deep dive into unpacking the brand—like the 3,000 names we explored before Going.

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Still got questions?

Still got questions?

Read on.

You were great before! Why did you have to change?

What started as Scott and his laptop quickly grew to a team of more than 60 people serving more than 2 million travelers. Through all this growth and change, we realized Scott's Cheap Flights was no longer the most authentic representation of the company and brand. It was time to retire Scott's Cheap Flights, expand the brand, and help our members think about travel beyond cheap flight tickets. We knew a world of greater travel possibility existed. Who better than our team of passionate travel experts to help people find it?

What’s changing?

Our name and logo have changed, and our website and social handles are different. You’ll notice new colors, fonts, photos, and illustrations. But our mission remains the same, and the core experience of Going isn’t changing. Now, you can expect bigger and better things from us as we continue helping people travel and experience the world.

Does this mean you’ve sold out? Are you still an independent business?

Not to worry, we haven't gone corporate, and we're still an independent business. We simply outgrew the name Scott's Cheap Flights. We're now a team of 60+ people, not just Scott, and our new name reflects this growth and more exciting things to come. We'll always remain on the traveler's side and strive to help people travel and experience the world.

Where is Scott going? Is he still with the company?

Scott is still here! He’s our OG Flight Expert and loves working here. You’ll continue to see him contributing to Going travel guides, interviews, and newsletters, but he is more than happy to separate his name from the biz and to share the credit for all the great work we do at Going.

How did you come up with the name Going?

The short answer: thoughtfully and thoroughly. Really thoroughly. We reviewed over 3,000 names. Then put the best through trademark reviews, linguistics tests, and rigorous company-wide debates.

Scott’s Cheap Flights was a well-established name that spoke to our roots, plus it was human and approachable—members really like Scott (we do, too). Our new name needed to honor our past while allowing us to move forward, and also reflect our members’ (and our) collective obsession with travel. It needed to be timeless and borderless, avoiding trends and giving us room to expand and experiment. And it needed to be short and memorable—let’s face it, Scott's Cheap Flights was admittedly long, clunky, and confusing.

Going solves all this and does so much more. Going is about the most exciting parts of travel…sure, it’s about getting an incredible flight deal, but it’s also about the anticipation of an upcoming trip, the excitement of touching down in a new destination, and inviting the possibilities that travel can bring. Read more about our new name here.

What was the inspiration behind the new logo?

Our design agency partners, Design Studio, set out to create the Going logo with legibility, playfulness, approachability, and a sense of motion in mind—and nailed it. Our logo uses oblique letterforms to communicate a sense of movement and momentum. The anti-clockwise arrow nods to our reverse-booking approach to travel. The loopy, twisty capital G represents the unexpected journeys you can expect when you book a Going deal. Read more about our new logo here.

Can I still connect with you on social media?

Yes. We have updated our social media handles to reflect our new name. Look out for notifications on those channels.

Where can I provide feedback on your new look and name?

We’d love to hear from you. Please submit feedback here.

Love the rebrand, now where’s the mobile app?

While we don’t have a mobile app just, we can tell you that the wheels are definitely in motion :) When we’re ready to launch, our members will be the first to know! We’ll also share the news on our social media channels, so feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in the loop.

Will this rebrand change my subscription or renewal timing?

Nothing is changing with your current subscription or timing of renewals. To check on your current membership, login at and navigate to the billing page in your profile.

Will these changes impact my membership?

Your current membership isn’t changing at all. Whether you’ve just signed up or have been with us since basically forever, you’re good. All the features and benefits you enjoy now will remain the same, and we’ll be adding even more exciting product features in the coming months.

Is there anything I need to do as a result of these changes?

Nope, you’re all set. Your membership isn’t changing and no action is required.

Will my credit card statement still say Scott’s Cheap Flights?

Your credit card statement will now say GOING.COM SCOTTSFLGHTS when charges are incurred.

Will my referral code still work if I want to invite friends?

Good news, your referral code will still work and you can continue earning free months of Going by telling your friends and family about us. Your updated referral code can be found on the “Invite” page of our new website, but if you’ve already sent a friend your old SCF referral code, that will work as well!

Will my website login need to be reset (username and password)?

You can access your account at with your existing email and password. You won't need a new account and your password does not need to be reset.

Will a Scott’s Cheap Flights gift card still work?

Yes, most definitely. Follow the instructions here to redeem your SCF gift card. Going gift cards are now available for 1, 2, and 5-year Premium and Elite memberships.

I have an affiliate contract, is this still valid?

Yep! Your contract is still valid, and your service will be uninterrupted.

I currently have the Perks Program set up with my company/organization. Is my contract still valid?

Yep! Your contract is still valid, and your service will be uninterrupted.

I have a contract with you, is it still valid?

Yes, not to worry, your contract is still valid, and the next time it renews we will be sure to update the verbiage to reflect our new name.

Will these changes impact your product and service offerings for my group/team?

Your group’s current membership isn’t changing at all. All the features and benefits you enjoy now will remain the same, and we’ll be adding even more exciting product features in the coming months.

My team is currently a member of your Work Perks Program. Do I need to inform my employees that you have rebranded?

Good news is that you don’t have to inform your employees that we have rebranded! Our team will notify all Scott’s Cheap Flights members about the rebrand.