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The Complete Guide to Flying La Compagnie: A Business-Class Only Airline

Anne Roderique-Jones

Anne Roderique-Jones

June 4, 2024

8 min read

La Compagnie is so boutique that it almost feels as if it’s still flying under the radar. In the summer of 2024, the French airline celebrates its 10-year anniversary, serving as the world's only all-business class airline. 

The brand is all about offering a high-end experience at attractive rates with what they call smart business class that includes high-end meals, lounge access, and excellent customer service. 

What we love about La Compagnie: 

  • A boutique-feeling, all-business class airline
  • Excellent onboard service 
  • Easy-to-reach, live-person customer service representatives

What we don’t love about it:

  • The New York City location is actually the Newark Airport (EWR)
  • Non-branded lounges can vary in quality
  • The airline does not offer a codeshare

The basics

  • Founded in: 2013 (the first commercial flight was July 2014)
  • Hub cities: New York (Newark), Paris (Orly), Milan (Malpensa), and Nice (Côte d'Azur Airport) seasonally
  • Fleet: Two Airbus A321neo aircrafts 
  • Subsidiaries: La Compagnie was created with a contribution from Dreamjet Holding of almost 30 million euros
  • CEO: Christian Vernet 
  • Alliance: La Compagnie doesn't have any interlining or codeshare agreements, but it does partner with easyJet through its Worldwide by easyJet program. La Compagnie doesn't partner with any US airline, nor does it belong to any of the three major alliances.
  • Nonstop routes: 
    • NY > Paris 
    • NY > Milan
    • NY > Nice (seasonal)
  • On-time rating: 86%
  • Nationality: French
  • Classes of service: 100% business class

A brief history of La Compagnie

La Compagnie started in 2013 and launched its first commercial flight from Paris to New York in July 2014. A second aircraft was acquired in March 2015. The company continues to offer new routes, including a seasonal route to Nice in 2019 and launching the New York to Milan route in 2022.  

Where La Compagnie flies

La Compagnie’s hubs

  • New York (Newark) 
  • Paris (Orly)
  • Milan (Malpensa) 
  • Nice (Côte d'Azur Airport) seasonally 

Tips for booking a La Compagnie flight

The online portal is straightforward, but calling is an option

La Compagnie is most easily booked online and is fairly straightforward, but the process occasionally comes with glitches. One of the more unique features about the airline is that it does feel boutique, so calling the customer service numbers results in speaking with a helpful representative with very little hold time. 

Pay attention to location and season 

La Compagnie states that New York is a hub, but note that this is actually Newark, which may be more convenient for some or a hassle for others. Additionally, the airline flies on specific days, and some routes are seasonal, so flexibility is often required.  

Wait for deals

Sign up for La Compagnie emails for fantastic promotions. For example, each February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the company offers two-for-one business class seats, which often result in being less expensive than buying two economy seats on a legacy airline. I’ve marked my calendar for early February each year (often February 1) and have utilized this option four different times and paid anywhere from $2,600–$4,600 for two tickets. 

La Compagnie fare types

La Compagnie offers three fare classes: Promo, Smart, and Flex. All classes offer the same lie-flat seats, two pieces of included luggage, lounge access, the same meals, and change fees. The exceptions for each class are as follows: 

  • Promo: +1 MyCompagnie points, nonrefundable ticket cancellation fee 
  • Smart: +2 MyCompagnie points, $600 cancellation fee
  • Flex: +4 MyCompagnie points, Extime lounge in Orly (as opposed to Primeclass Lounge for Promo and Smart), free cancellation

MyCompagnie points can be used toward La Compagnie tickets, or you can use points to add extra or oversized luggage for your flight. Points are automatically credited once you’ve completed the flight. The number of points it costs to book a flight depends on demand. For instance, if a flight has ample availability, it may only cost 40 points for a roundtrip ticket, whereas a flight nearing maximum capacity may cost 80 points for a roundtrip ticket. 

Baggage fees on La Compagnie

  • La Compagnie’s baggage policy is simple: Each passenger can check in two pieces of luggage weighing up to 70 pounds each; these pieces are included in the ticket price. 
  • Each passenger can also bring a carry-on and a personal bag onboard, both free of charge.
  • Golfers, skiers, cyclists, and surfers may carry their equipment free of charge (counted as checked baggage) on flights. 
  • Any additional pieces of luggage will cost $200. 
  • Find more information on baggage fees here. 
A view down the plane aisle of La Compagnie

Seat selection fees on La Compagnie 

Seats are selected at booking, and selection is a fairly simple process being that there are just 76 seats. Passengers can also call the customer service number for an agent to assist in seat selection. I’ve done this numerous times with success. 

Fees on La Compagnie: 

  • Carryon bag: Each passenger can bring a carryon and a personal bag onboard, both free of charge.
  • Checked bag: Each passenger can check in two pieces of luggage weighing up to 70 pounds each; these pieces are included in the ticket price. 
  • Seat selection: Seat selection can be made online at the time of booking, but it can often be changed by calling the customer service number. 
  • Food: A four-course menu—often with a cold starter, an choice between two hot dishes, a cheese plate, and a dessert—is included in the fare.
  • Wifi: Passengers can connect to unlimited, free, high-speed wifi while inflight via Viasat. 

The La Compagnie experience at the airport

La Compagnie certainly offers a high-end, business class experience, but it flies a bit under the radar in terms of checking in, lounges, and boarding. Unlike the legacy airlines, La Compagnie can feel a bit hidden, the lounge access can vary, and the boarding can seem a bit unorganized. But overall, the experience is highly worth any hassle. 

Checking in

Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to departure and closes 2 hours before the flight. Check-in opens 2 hours and 30 minutes prior to the flight and closes 50 minutes prior to departure. Note: Even if you are not checking a bag, it’s important to check in at the gate so that the crew knows you’re there—the airline will often wait for each passenger and have even gone so far as to fetch me and my husband in the lounge when all other passengers had checked in and they were able to leave early. 

Lounge access

La Compagnie does not have their own branded lounges, but passengers on the airline are granted access to partner lounges (e.g., Primeclass lounge). All lounges offer food and beverages but vary in quality. You can expect hot and cold food selections and alcoholic beverages. 


Because the airline is a single class, there are no dedicated lanes, which often lends to a congested boarding area, but the line moves quickly due to the low passenger load. 

La Compagnie’s change and cancellation fees

Ticket changes and cancellation fees depend on the fare class that is purchased. Promo class has nonrefundable tickets, Smart class has a $600 cancellation fee, and Flex class offers free cancellation. 

A woman sleeps with a face mask on La Compagnie

The La Compagnie flying experience 

Imagine a high-end boutique hotel in the sky, and that’s what it’s like to fly on La Compagnie. With just 76 seats on every flight, there’s plenty of space, the food is very good, and the service is remarkable. 

Seats on La Compagnie

The cabins are configured in two-by-two seats for a total of 76 seats, each that reclines to fully lie-flat beds. They have a length of 192 cm in bed position and a thick, soft overlay. Each seat is 75 inches long and 19 inches wide and equipped with a reading lamp, compartments for personal items and electronics, an electrical outlet, headphone jack, and a pouch for documents. 

La Compagnie amenity kit sits on an airplane table

La Compagnie provides anti-allergenic pillows, large soft covers, and a travel care amenity kit with Caudalie products. Each passenger has a 15.6-inch, seat-mounted screen with a selection of movies, including classics and new releases. Noise-canceling headsets are also offered to passengers, which are ideal as a lot of families fly on this airline. Note that if you are flying solo and seated near the window, passengers will have to climb over their neighbor in the aisle to get in and out. That said, the shell design and dividers do offer a decent amount of privacy. 

Service on La Compagnie 

The service on La Compagnie is excellent from top to bottom. The flight attendants are friendly and seem genuinely happy to assist passengers. The company offers—and the staff takes pride in—monthly menu changes, fun wine or dessert partnerships, and signature dishes. 

A catering option on La Compagnie airline

Food on La Compagnie 

Passengers begin the in-flight service with an offering of juice or Champagne. The menu, created by chef Christophe Langrée, is meant to showcase French gastronomy. Between Paris/Nice and New York, there’s a four-course menu after take-off, with a cold starter (the smoked salmon is popular and very good), a hot dish chosen from two options, a cheese plate, and a dessert. Just before landing, passengers are served a light snack with savory and sweet options.

For overnight travel from New York to Paris/Nice, La Compagnie serves passengers what they call a light snack to help promote sleep but is more like a full meal that includes a salad (I’ve had a lovely chilled lobster salad), soup, a cheese plate, and a dessert. Before landing, a complete breakfast is served, including a French croissant.

Menus change monthly, and chefs from Paris, Nice, and New York contribute signature dishes. Featured chefs have included David Toutain, Frédéric Duca, Florent Ladeyn, Yann Couvreur, and Gaël & Michaël Tourteaux.

Meals are served with a well-curated selection of wines (including organic varietals) and a very decent house Champagne; a full menu is offered with meals during the entirety of the flight. Flight attendants are well-versed in the wine list and are happy to help with selections. 

Tips for flying La Compagnie

How to use a credit/voucher on La Compagnie

It’s best to contact the customer service number to use a credit or voucher on La Compagnie. 

How to change your flight on La Compagnie

To make or change a reservation or to ask any questions, travelers are encouraged to contact the customer service team: 

  • [email protected]
  • From the US: 1-800-218-8187 
  • From France: 0 892 230 240 
  • From Italy: 02 8148 0361
  • From elsewhere abroad: +33 9 88 29 01 35

How to get a refund on La Compagnie? 

If passengers are seeking a refund, they will need to contact the customer service number at 1-800-218-8187. It’s best to book a Flex class ticket in order to receive a free refund. 

What if La Compagnie changes your flight day or time? 

La Compagnie makes a concerted effort to notify customers in a timely manner of changes in their travel itineraries, and the Reservations Assistance Department re-books customers and handles callbacks for customers prior to the day of departure. My current flight was changed from a nonstop from Nice to NYC to a stop in Paris, and customer service happily helped me move the date and time for a nonstop flight two days later—meaning bonus vacation days for me. 

What if La Compagnie cancels your flight?

In the event of a flight cancellation on the day of departure at the airport, La Compagnie will do everything possible to re-accommodate customers on the next La Compagnie flight, provided space is available.

Frequently asked questions about flying La Compagnie

Is La Compagnie a good airline?
La Compagnie is a great airline that has 100% business class seats. With only 76 passengers, the airline feels like a true boutique experience.
Is La Compagnie expensive?
La Compagnie has found a niche in the market for “smart business class.” The airline offers a luxury experience, often for less than economy or premium economy on legacy airlines. Their promotions are the best way to find a good deal. (For example: Two business class tickets booked in February from New York to Nice for the price of one totaling $3,600.)
How strict is La Compagnie with carryon sizes?
With just 76 seats, La Compagnie does not experience limited overhead space like the legacy carriers, so they may be less strict.
Can you change a La Compagnie flight for free?
Fees for changes and cancellations depend on the purchased fare. However, if the airline makes a change, you can often switch days or routes without a fee for the inconvenience.
What’s the average legroom on La Compagnie?
The cabin is equipped with full-flat beds, so there is ample legroom. The seats are 75 inches long and 19 inches wide.
How can I contact La Compagnie?
The airline can be contacted via email or phone [[email protected]]([email protected]) **From the US:** 1-800-218-8187 **From France:** 0 892 230 240 **From Italy:** 02 8148 0361 **From elsewhere abroad:** +33 9 88 29 01 35


Twitter: https://twitter.com/_lacompagnie?lang=en 

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Compagnie 

Customer Service: [email protected]; US customer service: 1-800-218-8187 

Flight Status: https://www.lacompagnie.com/en/flightstatus/searchflight/ 

Anne Roderique-Jones

Anne Roderique-Jones

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Published June 4, 2024

Last updated June 4, 2024

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