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The Complete Guide to Turkish Airlines Business Class

Jenna Scatena

Jenna Scatena

July 17, 2023

7 min read

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Turkish Airlines has long been a solid airline connecting Asia and Europe and the rest of the world. Known for its delicious in-flight meals, comfortable seats and friendly service, it’s no surprise that their business class offering is a high-quality service. Turkish Airlines now ranks in the top 20 airlines in the world according to Skytrax, and has received a number of Skytrax's World Airline Awards, such as Best Airline in Southern Europe, Best Economy Class in Europe, and COVID-19 Airline Excellence. The World Travel Awards anointed it as Europe’s Leading Airline in 2019. 

While not often considered amongst the world’s top airlines, for the mid-range price tag, Turkish Airlines Business Class offers an incredible steal for long haul and transatlantic flights.  

Here’s what you can expect from a business class experience with Turkish Airlines.

What to know about Turkish Airlines business class

Turkish Airlines only has two different flying classes: economy and business. This makes business class their top-tier flying category and it comes with enough high-quality perks that it can easily feel like flying first. You can expect the latest in-flight entertainment and posh comforts, but it's likely the 360-experience of Turkish hospitality at 30,000 feet that gets frequent fliers so addicted to this brand. Their award-winning dining is reason enough to fly them, with homemade Turkish and global fare that can make it feel more like a restaurant with wings than a plane.

There’s also a host of privileges that come with flying business class, including preferential check-in, extra baggage allowance and access to their lounges. Note that there is a major experiential difference between its domestic business class offerings and its international ones: the domestic business class experience is similar to premium economy while most of what’s covered in this guide applies to its international business class offerings. 

Examples of previous Turkish Airlines business class deals found by Going

  • San Francisco to Istanbul for $2,549 roundtrip
  • Miami to Madrid for $2,235 roundtrip  
  • NYC to Malta for $2,515 roundtrip 
  • Los Angeles to Dubrovnik for $1,938 roundtrip 

The Turkish Airlines business class experience at the airport 

Turkish Airlines business class lounge

When flying business class from Istanbul Airport, part of the exceptional experience is getting access to the Turkish Airlines Lounge. The stunning modern lounge can seat up to 765 people, featuring private suites with showers, comfortable couches, exclusive treats and snacks, console gaming area, and lounge Wi-Fi network. Skytrax ranks it as a 5-star lounge and awarded it the Best Business Class Lounge in Europe. The lounge culinary offerings are the main highlight, offering Turkish and international cuisine that’s on par with the best at any airport lounge. The spacious and modern interior design and seating variations (including in-lounge bedrooms), gives visitors ample options for maximum comfort. Plus, a game room and cinema takes it over the top.

Outside of Turkey, Turkish Airlines business class flyers can typically utilize other airport lounges linked with Star Alliance. Depending on the airport, Turkish Airlines will have a partnership and arrangement with a business class lounge for its passengers.

Turkish Airlines business class check-in

All business class passengers can avoid the long airport queues with dedicated business class counters for a streamlined process. This means you can walk straight to the desk upon arriving at the airport without delay to check-in and drop your bags.

Baggage allowance in Turkish Airlines business class

One of the benefits of traveling business class is that you’re entitled to extra baggage allowance. On Turkish Airlines business class, the maximum weight for checked baggage is 32kg (70 lbs.) between up to two pieces, compared to just 23kg (50 lbs.) for Economy. 

Business class passengers can also take up to two cabin bags if the size and weight per bag does not exceed 55x40x23 and 8kg (17 lbs.), plus one personal item bag, such as a handbag. 

You can also collect your bags much quicker at the end of your flight. All business class baggage is tagged with a priority label, so your wait time is minimal once you leave your flight.

The Turkish Airlines business class experience in the air

Seats in Turkish Airlines business class

Turkish Airlines business class cabin.

The Turkish Airlines business class seats have been specifically designed for comfort and style. There’s plenty of additional features to enjoy as well, including in-chair massages, reading lamps, power supply for charging, and the ability to screen off your own private area.

On long-haul international flights, business class seating opens into lie-flat beds with armrests. There’s an adjustable and rotating 51cm try table for work or play, as well as a cocktail table for drinks. Each seat is also fitted with an 18” screen with adjustable angle and touchpad remote controls.

All long-haul international flights feature lie-flat business class seats, although some aircrafts have different configurations—we highly suggest checking the aircraft type before booking your ticket to make sure you’re maximizing your benefits with the top aircraft type. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has a nice 1-2-1 seating arrangement which means every passenger has access to the aisle. It’s a newer aircraft that pulls out all the stops. On the other hand, if you book a flight on the older Boeing 777-300 model, it has a less desirable 2-3-2 configuration and older amenities. 

  • Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner: The 787-9 business class cabin features a 1-2-1 seating arrangement, which gives you over 39 inches (100cm) of legroom and easy access to the aisle for every passenger. Since incorporating it into its fleet, this has become an increasingly common option for flights between Turkey and the US, especially from major hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 
  • Boeing 777-300ER: As one of Turkish Airlines favorite planes, the Boeing 777-300ER has a business class section arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration, meaning not all passengers get access to the aisle like in the 787-9 Dreamliner. This plane is also often used between Istanbul and US hubs, including the ones referenced above and Miami, Houston, and Chicago.
  • Airbus A350-900: Used for longer flights, the A350-900 has business class seats fitted with the latest technology, allowing you to change the seat position with a single click, and password-protected lockable storage units. The configurations are staggered 1-2-1 layout so everyone has their own space. This plane often flies from Istanbul to London, Dubai, Seoul, and Los Angeles. 
  • Boeing 737-900ER: A new generation of the Boeing 737 family, this aircraft has only a few rows of reclining business class seats at the front. This plane is used mostly for international flights from Istanbul throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • Airbus A320-200: This smaller, low-passenger aircraft is commonly used for short-haul flights. The business class section has only two seats in each row. It’s equipped with all the smart technologies, including charging ports, large personal screens, and touchscreen controls. This Airbus is used most often for domestic and short-haul international flights from Istanbul.
  • Boeing 737 MAX 9: One of the newest additions to the fleet, the Boeing 737 MAX has larger cabins, huge luggage compartments, and the latest technology. The seat configurations are three seats in each row, so there are middle seats, even in business class.

Benefits of flying Turkish Airlines business class

lie flat bed in Turkish Airlines business class.

Beyond the seat comfort and outstanding food, there are some other benefits of flying business class with Turkish Airlines. They have partnered with Versace for the in-flight amenity kits. You can enjoy moisturizers, cosmetics, and practical amenities designed by the iconic global fashion brand. Their dedicated flight attendants make sure you have whatever you need at any given time, as does their in-house flying chef.  

If you’re more into the entertainment on board, then you get to enjoy high quality Denon headphones in business class, which have noise-canceling features. Perfectly designed for flying in peace, it’s great for watching a movie without distractions. 

Another perk for flying in business class is the Wi-Fi. Turkish Airlines is one of only a few airlines offering limited free Wi-Fi to business class passengers. You can get up to 1GB of complimentary access, which is good enough to check your emails and do some basic work if needed.

Meals in Turkish Airlines business class

food on Turkish airlines in business class.

Turkish Airlines pride themselves on incredible in-flight dining. You can select your main course on their website or in the mobile app at least 48 hours before you travel. Turkish Airlines employs what they call “flying chefs” so you know on long-haul flights that your meals are going to be hot and fresh.

You can expect a wide selection of meals available, including red meat options such as lamb chops and grilled tenderloins, seafood and white meat such as salmon filet, grilled sea bass, and chicken skewers, and vegetarian options such as pasta and rice.

Business class passengers also get to enjoy their meal at any time during the flight, not just when the regular meals are served in the main cabin. When selecting your meal you can also select a time preference.

Alcohol in Turkish Airlines business class

Wine, beer, and spirits are free on Turkish Airlines flights for all passengers flying internationally. The global wine list is certainly a highlight for any oenophile in the air, with wines that skew toward unique Turkish varietals and classic French ones. 

How to book Turkish Airlines business class

How much does it cost for a business class ticket on Turkish Airlines? 

The price for business class tickets on Turkish Airlines varies depending on the route, demand, season and when you book. For example, a flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul can cost around $4,000 or more for a roundtrip flight. Of course, Going is always looking for cheap flights, and we’ve seen fares like $2,500 for the same route. 

How to upgrade to business class of Turkish Airlines for free

The best way to score an upgrade to business class is by being part of their Miles & Smiles program. This miles and awards program allows you to earn points and miles through Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance flights for free cabin upgrades, extra baggage allowance, and free entrance to lounges.

How much does it cost to upgrade to business class on Turkish Airlines? 

Getting a Business Upgrade is possible for economy class passengers at the check-in counter or prior to the flight via the sales center. Generally, this is only allowed if there is a seat available in business class. Those who are part of the Miles & Smiles program can get an upgrade using saved miles, otherwise an additional fee is required depending on the flight. For a one-way upgrade on a transatlantic flight, you can expect to pay between $1,000-$2,000, depending on route and demand (still cheaper than buying a business class seat off-the-bat).

How many miles to upgrade to Turkish Airlines business class? 

The amount of miles you need to upgrade your Turkish Airlines ticket all depends on the destination of your flight. For example, a flight from North America to Turkey will cost 45,000 miles or Europe to Turkey will cost around 15,000 miles.


Turkish Airlines business class seats are an excellent option for long-haul and transatlantic flights. The benefits are plenty with lie-flat seats, plenty of legroom, personalized service, “flying chefs” and extra comforts like Wi-Fi and noise canceling headphones. 

While the best level of comfort and quality depends on the aircraft, if you’re flying in the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you won’t be disappointed. For the relatively mid-range price tag, it’s a good airline to upgrade your ticket with. 

Other business class resources

Frequently asked questions about Turkish Airlines business class

What does Turkish Airlines business class include?
Turkish Airlines business class has plenty of benefits, including priority check in, lie-flat seats, spacious leg room, “flying chefs” and high quality hot food. It also has additional comforts like seat massagers, noise canceling headphones and complimentary Wi-Fi, which few other airlines offer.
Do you get lounge access with Turkish Airlines business class?
Lounge access is granted for business class passengers. The Turkish Airlines Lounge Business is located at Istanbul Airport, or you can access lounges as part of the Star Alliance in other cities around the world.
Do seats in Turkish Airlines business class lie flat?
All business class seats are lie-flat for long-haul international flights and transatlantic flights. However, the size of the seats varies slightly depending on the aircraft and configuration.
Is food served in business class on Turkish Airlines?
Business class passengers get meals served from the on-board flying chefs. On international flights, there is an ever-changing menu presented on porcelain tableware including hot and cold breakfast options, multi-course lunch and dinners, and snacks on longer flights. On transatlantic flights, business class passengers receive three meals and a snack service. All meals are prepared and cooked according to your liking and selection on board.
How many checked bags do you get in Turkish Airlines business class?
Business class passengers can check in up to two bags weighing a total of 32kg (70 lbs), plus two cabin bags each a maximum of 8kg (17 lbs.).
What are the best seats in Turkish Airlines business class?
The seats vary slightly between aircrafts, including the configuration in business Ccass. The best business class seats tend to be on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. This plane has a nice 1-2-1 arrangement with ample privacy and all the latest comforts. The window seats (A and K) are ideal if you want to gaze out over the clouds. On the other hand, the configuration in the Boeing 777-300ER is 2-3-2, meaning there is a middle seat in the center row, with limited privacy and access to the aisle. Window seats are again A and K.
Jenna Scatena

Jenna Scatena

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Published July 17, 2023

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