Going for Teams

Going for Teams

Your team's best perk is a travel perk.

By providing your employees with travel perks, you can build a healthier, happier, more diverse, and creative team. So what would your team look like with Going?

Two women walking towards the oceans carrying surfboards
Two women walking towards the oceans carrying surfboards
Two women walking towards the oceans carrying surfboards
Two women walking towards the oceans carrying surfboards
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Bring Going
to your workplace
Number one
Start with the details.
With easy administration, you can tailor your plan to best suit your team, and we'll take care of the rest. Your team will get Going in no time.
Number two
Unlock Going's exclusive deals.
We constantly monitor airfare. When flight prices drop, we let your team know -so they can start saving hundreds on destinations across the globe.
Number three
Level up OOO messages
With flight details, booking links, and timeline estimates, all that's left for your team is to submit their PTO and brag about it in the team chat.
benefits of travel
Science says travel makes us happier. And we all know a happier team makes for a more successful one.
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Boost morale.

PTO is an important benefit - encourage your team to use it. Not only does PTO boost morale, but it also allows teams to re-energize and be more productive upon their return to work.

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Relieve stress.

Self-care, pursuing passions, and having a sense of purpose outside of work are all essential components to avoiding burnout. Travel is one of the many ways to tackle all three.

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Spark new ideas.

Experiencing new cultures and ways of life can enhance creativity, improve communication, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking among your team.

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unbeatable roi
Average savings of $550 per ticket with a membership that costs less than a checked bag.

the ultimate case study

We don't think travel benefits teams, we know it does.


Our business's average employee retention rate for 2021.


Our percentage of employees that hit our minimum PTO requirement of 15 days in 2021.

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working with us

Why organizations turn to Going


Building a well-rounded team

Encouraging deeper experiences supports a diverse, inclusive, creative, and collaborative environment.

Gift of love

Employee retention

More and more people are turning towards companies that support them. Give your team perks they will rave about.


Investment-worthy perks

Whether you’re championing PTO, work-life balance, saving on business travel, or a better WFH environment—your team (and business) will thank you.


Avoid burnout

Burnout is real, and it’s a real problem for businesses everywhere. Help your team take care of themselves outside of work.