What is an E-Ticket for a Flight?

An e-ticket contains all the same information old-fashioned paper tickets had on them, but with no actual paper.

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Is an e-ticket the same thing as a boarding pass?

No. A boarding pass is a document (either paper or electronic) that shows a gate agent that you’re allowed to board a plane for a particular flight. An e-ticket has a bunch of information that the gate agent doesn’t need—including what you paid for the ticket and where you bought it.

Is an e-ticket also my itinerary?

No. A flight itinerary has all the details you need to know about the flights on your trip—departure city and time, flight numbers, arrival city and times, etc.—while an e-ticket may only have some of that information.

Do I need to print my e-ticket?

No, not for travel purposes. If you need payment information for reimbursement or tax purposes, that’s another matter.

Can I travel without a hard copy of an e-ticket?

Yes! The only thing you’ll need to check into your flight online is the confirmation code you got when you booked it, which doesn’t usually appear on your e-ticket. And if you’re checking in at the airport, the ticket agent will use your ID to find your ticket information in their computer system. 

Once you’re checked in, you’ll get a boarding pass; you need a boarding pass (either on paper or electronically on your phone) to board the plane.

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Last updated Jan 11, 2024