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The Best Cities to See Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Europe This Summer

Katie Hammel

Katie Hammel

March 29, 2024

6 min read

Gather round, Swifties! 

Whether you were a victim of The Great War (aka the 2022 Ticketmaster debacle) and missed your chance to buy tickets to the Eras Tour, or you went already and simply want to relive the amazingness of the show again, the European leg could be your ticket (no pun intended) to screaming “He looks up grinning like a devil,” with 60,000 other fans. 

But where to go? Sure, it would be amazing to see Taylor sing London Boy during the acoustic set in London, but with some of the highest ticket prices, maybe somewhere else is a better fit for Swifties on a tighter budget. 

To help you decide which city is best for you, we ran some analysis, starting with which places are among the cheapest to get to, the least expensive to travel in, and have the lowest-priced tickets available for resale on StubHub (for this reason, we didn’t include Lyon or Dublin, as those tickets are not available for resale). It’s important to caveat that the flight and hotel prices reflect averages and will, of course, vary (and you can expect higher hotel prices due to increased demand) and that ticket prices were based on the date of this writing in mid-March, so take these prices more as directional advice rather than absolutes.  

Grab your friendship bracelets and practice your Cruel Summer bridge. Here’s our analysis of the best European cities to travel to for the Eras Tour. 

The cheapest places to fly in Europe based on average fares Going has found

Let’s start with flight prices. What you actually pay will depend on where you’re flying from and when you book, but here’s a rundown of which cities are typically among the cheapest based on the average of all the economy fares we’ve found for Going members in the last six months. 

5. Stockholm, Sweden (ARN): $510 roundtrip

4. Warsaw, Poland (WAW): $507 roundtrip 

3. Cardiff, Wales (CWL): $505 roundtrip

2. Tie: Milan, Italy (MXP) and Paris, France (CDG): $496 roundtrip

1. Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf, Germany (DUS): $474 roundtrip

The most expensive places to fly to include: Edinburgh (EDI) at $573 roundtrip on average and London (LHR) at $563 roundtrip on average. 

That said, there’s only about a $100 difference in the average roundtrip price from the cheapest to the most expensive destination, and you’ve got to take other factors into account, like the concert tickets and hotel fees. Flight price may not be your only deciding factor, so let’s look at ticket prices next. 

The cheapest cities for Eras Tour tickets in Europe

5. Warsaw, Poland: $423

4. Hamburg, Germany: $372

3. Stockholm, Sweden: $371

2. Madrid, Spain: $354

1. Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf, Germany: $310 

With the cheapest average flights and the lowest-priced tickets, Gelsenkirchen (about 45 minutes from Düsseldorf by train) is starting to look pretty good. But Warsaw and Stockholm are also in the top five for both low-priced flights and tickets. 

On the flip side, again, Edinburgh and London top the list for most expensive, at $690 and a whopping $764, respectively, for the lowest-priced currently available tickets to each show. 

Remember how Paris, Milan, and Cardiff were also on the list of cheapest places to fly? Well, the former two cities are in the middle of the pack for ticket prices, in the mid-$500s, while Cardiff is on the higher end at nearly $700. With higher-priced tickets but lower-priced flights, it might even out in terms of total cost. 

But what about hotels, food, transportation, and activities? 

The least-expensive places to visit overall 

For this, we turned to Price of Travel and their 3-star traveler index, which gives an average daily rate of spending for hotels, food, activities, and transportation across dozens of cities in Europe. They don’t list a few of the cities where Taylor will play, so we used the same methodology they apply to come up with our own numbers for those cities (Liverpool, Cardiff, and Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf). So again, your exact spending will vary, but these numbers will give you an idea of average costs. 

Based on that, the least-expensive cities to visit among Eras Tours locations, and the average cost for two days of visiting, are: 

5. Vienna, Austria: $137 

4. Lisbon, Portugal: $130 

3. Madrid, Spain: $129 

2. Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf, Germany: $115 

1. Warsaw, Poland: $72 

The most expensive of Eras Tours cities to visit is Zurich, which costs a whopping $260 for two days. London and Amsterdam both top $200 for two days, and Paris, Edinburgh, and Dublin all come in around $170 for two days. 

The overall least-expensive places to see the Eras Tour

Okay, so let’s put it all together: average flight prices + the lowest ticket prices currently available + the average cost of two days of travel in each city. 

Based on that, here’s a starting point for approximately how much you should expect to spend, at minimum, for a two-day trip to one of these cities. 

5. Hamburg, Germany, $1,185 

4. Stockholm, Sweden: $1,175

3. Madrid, Spain, $1,130

2. Warsaw, Poland: $1,074

1. Gelsenkirchen/Düsseldorf, Germany: $1,014

Based purely on cost, Gelsenkirchen is the clear winner. The most expensive: London at nearly double with an estimated cost of $1,741. 

chart of cheapest destinations for the Eras Tour

All that said, the heart wants what the heart wants, right? There’s something to be said for atmosphere—imagine being in Paris and seeing Taylor pick up her guitar and start singing, “Your ex-friend's sister met someone at a club and he kissed her…

So where would Going’s Swifties go? Our top picks

If cost if your number one factor for deciding where to see Taylor, we hope this analysis has armed you with some information to help you decide which cities to buy tickets for or which cities to add to your Going watchlist for cheap flights. 

But if you’re not convinced, here are some thoughts from the Swifties at Going. 

“Lisbon! It’s still kind of under the radar as a European destination, but there are several direct flights to Lisbon from several airports in the US on several carriers. The public transportation is top notch and it’ll get you directly to the Estádio da Luz where she’ll be performing.” - Richard W., Software Engineer

“If I'm being cheesy and referencing songs/lyrics, I would want to go to Paris because of Paris from Midnights. Or maybe London because of the plethora of songs referencing London—including the unreleased song from Tortured Poets Society: So Long, London.” - Taylor V., Social Media Manager

“I’m gonna go Gelsenkirchen. I have no burning desire to see Düsseldorf, but a night or two there might be fun, and I’m a sucker for the best deal. From there, I’d hop on Germany’s excellent rail system and hightail it to Berlin, head out along the Romantic Road through Bavaria, or explore the Rhine River wine region.” - Katie H., Director of Content Marketing 

“I’d go to Warsaw. Poland doesn’t have the Euro, so your money goes further. It’s definitely a more affordable country to visit over others like France, Ireland, and Italy during the summer months.” - Andrew H., Senior Manager of Public Relations 

Already bought your concert ticket and looking for the right flight deal, or just trying to get to Europe cheaply this summer? 

The Goldilocks Window for cheap summer flights has passed, so we recommend buying flights for peak summer travel (mid-June to mid-August) as soon as you find a great deal. The closer your travel dates get, the higher prices will soar. One exception to this can be fares booked with points, which are less volatile and sometimes even decrease closer to travel. 

If flights to the city you want to get to are pricey, use what we call the Greek Islands Trick. Book a cheap long-haul flight that gets you close to where you want to go, and then use trains, buses, or local budget airlines to bridge the gap to your final destination. 

For example, say you live in Chicago and have tickets for the Paris show (please take me with you), but you find an amazing flight deal to London. Book that, and then you can hop on the Eurostar, which takes about two hours to get from London to Paris and costs around $50 each way if you book in advance. 

Or, say you live in Phoenix and have tickets to the Lisbon show. If an amazingly cheap deal pops up from Las Vegas to Lisbon, book that and then add on a cheap hop from Phoenix to Las Vegas to catch your long-haul flight. 

Want Going to keep an eye on flights and alert you when fares drop? Try Premium for free to get international economy deals in addition to domestic economy fares. You’ll even get alerts for economy deals bookable with points and miles. Add your preferred destinations to your watchlist, and we’ll let you know when we find a great deal. 

Some of the recent deals we’ve found to these cities include: 

  • Los Angeles to Paris for $408 roundtrip 
  • Phoenix to Libson for $507 roundtrip 
  • Atlanta to London for $554 roundtrip 
Katie Hammel

Going's former Director of Content Marketing, Katie is an award-winning content marketer and freelance travel writer. She has been to 30+ countries, prefers markets to museums, and dreams of one day living in a small cabin by the sea in Iceland. Originally from Detroit, she lived in Seattle and Chicago before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their two cats.

Published March 29, 2024

Last updated April 1, 2024

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