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Everything to Know About Aeromexico Clase Premier Business Class

Erin De Santiago

Erin De Santiago

June 16, 2023

9 min read

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Aeromexico is the flag carrier of Mexico, based in Mexico City with secondary hubs in Monterrey and Guadalajara. They only offer one main class of premium cabin service called Clase Premier. This premium cabin class is the same, whether you’re flying 500 miles within Mexico or overseas. Benefits vary when comparing Clase Premier for intra-Mexico and short-haul international flights on the 737-MAX versus long-haul flights on the Dreamliner with lie-flat seats.

Aeromexico is also rolling out a new Clase Premier Light cabin on some domestic Mexico routes, which appears to be a step down based on recent experience. You could find yourself on a plane with no premium cabin, only a middle seat blocked.

If you plan to book Clase Premier on an upcoming Aeromexico flight, here is everything you need to know.    

What to know about Aeromexico Clase Premier business class

Aeromexico does not differentiate between types of Clase Premier seats for intra-Mexico or international flights. On some intra-Mexico flights, you might see Clase Premier Light going forward. Light includes the same benefits; you’re likely on a plane with no premium class cabin. You might find yourself on a 737-800 with a 3-3 configuration with economy-style middle seats blocked out on both sides.   

Regardless of your status with Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program, you’ll have Sky Priority benefits, including priority check-in lanes, security in some locations, boarding, and lounge access where available.

Additionally, while you might only think of Aeromexico for flights to Mexico and Latin American, don't ignore it for flights to Europe, particularly if you live near the southern half of the US, as flights from San Antonio, LA, and Miami to Europe—with a layover in Mexico City—are often a great deal.

Real deals found by Going in Aeromexico Premier business class

  • $837 roundtrip to Guatemala City
  • $651 roundtrip to Oaxaca
  • $1,253 roundtrip to Barcelona

The Aeromexico Clase Premier business class experience at the airport

Thanks to priority check-in counters and lounge access, your Clase Premier experience starts when you arrive at the airport. Depending on where you are departing, you could either be in an Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge or a SkyTeam partner lounge.

However, the boarding process is often anything but organized in Mexico, even for Clase Premier passengers. Don’t expect boarding announcements in English, especially in smaller airports throughout Mexico. Some intra-Mexico flights require taking a bus from terminal 2 at MEX. They will “board” Clase Premier but then pack the bus with other zones so you could have 30 people boarding the plane ahead of you.

Aeromexico business class lounge

Aeromexico lounge.

Aeromexico’s lounge is called Salon Premier and is only available at select airports in Mexico. Salon Premier lounges are located in Mexico City (MEX), Guadalajara (GDL), Torreon (TRC), Chihuahua (CUU), and Monterrey (MTY). The Salon Premier Lounge in Merida has been closed since the pandemic. Due to ongoing expansion, it is now being relocated somewhere else in the airport. However, there is no update on when it should reopen.

The largest Salon Premier Lounge is at Mexico City’s Terminal 2. There’s also a smaller lounge nearby, primarily servicing the domestic gates. The larger Salon Premier is spacious and has plenty of outlets. However, it’s always hot inside, no matter the time of year I’m there. Food offerings since COVID-19 have been non-existent outside of one or two snacks such as individual packages of trail mix and cookies. Before the pandemic, snack offerings were less than you would find in other SkyTeam lounges but certainly more plentiful. Morning and half-day options included items such as chilaquiles, cereal, fruit, mini molletes, and more. From lunchtime and into the evening, you would have mini baguettes and salads. 

If you want something more substantial to eat, you’ll need to pay for it. Aeromexico recently brought back a couple of free snack options, usually vegetable sticks (no dip or sauce) and maybe a tiny baguette. However, the staff doesn’t put very many out at a time, and they are relatively slow to restock. There are two fully stocked bars inside the central part of the lounge. There’s also a self-serve cooler stocked with soft drinks, water, beer, yogurt, etc.

Clase Premier passengers can use SkyTeam lounges, such as Delta’s newly upgraded SkyClub at LAX or KLM’s flagship Crown Lounge at AMS if you’re flying outside of Mexico. If you’re booking Aeromexico for the Salon Premier Lounge access, there is a dedicated Wi-Fi connection in the lounge. However, service is spotty at times, especially when the lounge is busy.  

You do not get Salon Premier lounge access if you are flying in Clase Premier because you successfully bid on an upgrade. However, you can access Salon Premier lounges if you received a Clase Premier upgrade because of your SkyTeam elite status.  

Business class check-in

Check-in for Clase Premier customers will be through the dedicated Sky Priority Lane at your departure airport. In Mexico, you’ll check in with Aeromexico directly. In other countries, counters may be serviced by Delta, KLM, or Air France depending on your international departure location. Don’t necessarily expect that these counter agents are the ones most knowledgeable about business class issues or SkyTeam benefits. They do try to help in any way they can. Many agents speak enough English to get through the check-in process ok, provided you have no complex issues. Questions regarding linking multiple reservations or SkyTeam benefits can cause confusion.

Baggage allowance

With the latest Aeromexico baggage rule updates, Clase Premier passengers are the only ones who get any included checked bags on specific routes. For example, if you’re flying within Mexico or between Mexico and the United States, you don’t get any free checked luggage without SkyTeam Elite status.

If you catch a good fare sale, it may be cheaper to purchase a Clase Premier ticket than pay for baggage. Clase Premier includes:

  • Two free checked bags at 32 kilos / 70 pounds each.
  • One piece of carry-on with a maximum of 15 kilos / 33 pounds.
  • One personal item.

SkyTeam Elite passengers should get an extra checked bag, but don’t rely on that. The extra baggage allowance seems dependent on who is working the counter, even if you have proof of the SkyTeam Elite baggage allowance from the SkyTeam website.

Baggage allowance also varies if you have a mixed-class reservation. According to several Delta and Aeromexico supervisors, if your initial flight is not in Clase Premier, you must follow the baggage allowance for that flight. Consider Delta and Aeromexico flights between the United States and Mexico. If your initial flight is Delta economy from the United States and then Clase Premier on an intra-Mexico connection, you could wind up with zero checked bag allowance, despite one leg as Clase Premier. You will be entitled to one free checked bag if you’re SkyTeam Elite. 

Your bags will be tagged priority and transferred to your final destination in most cases. Aeromexico priority bags often come out late depending on the route you’re flying, which is more of an issue with local airport baggage handlers in your final destination.  

Generally, there’s one substantial time-saving benefit of sticking with Aeromexico, or SkyTeam alliance, if you fly internationally into Mexico City (MEX). Aeromexico will transfer your bags to your final destination instead of forcing you to pick them up for inspection and re-checking like you had to do a few years ago. With over an hour wait at times, this is reason enough to consider Aeromexico over a non-SkyTeam partner. This perk is not limited to Clase Premier passengers either.

The Aeromexico Clase Premier business class experience in the air


shorthaul Aeromexico business class.

Seats in Clase Premier will vary depending on the plane you’re flying. Lie-flat seats are only available on some long-haul flights, such as from Mexico to South America or Europe.

  • 787-9 Dreamliner: The 787-9 Dreamliner is a 1-2-1 configuration with 36 flat-bed seats. Solo travelers typically prefer A and J for the window and aisle access, while couples flying together may like D and F.
  • 787-8 Dreamliner: On the 787-8 Dreamliner, you have a 2-2-2 configuration with 32 total flat-bed seats.
  • 737-MAX 8: Commonly found on shorter international flights, such as Mexico to the United States, have 16 recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration.
  • 737-800: Aeromexico has two layouts for the 737-800. Layout 1 has a Clase Premier cabin with 16 recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration, while Layout 2 is the older AM Plus configuration with 18 seats in a 3-3 format. Aeromexico blocks the middle seat on this plane for Clase Premier Light passengers.
  • Embraer 190: Aeromexico uses the Embraer 190 on their Aeromexico connect flights. These planes feature a 1-2 configuration with only 11 recliner seats available in Clase Premier.


Entertainment and wi-fi

Entertainment is available on most Clase Premier flights, except possibly on the new Clase Premier Light class. Wi-Fi is available on all flights, although it isn’t always easy to connect. Messaging is free, including access to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. You can purchase a streaming option, starting at $11.95 an hour. Wi-Fi for the flight duration will vary in price depending on the length of your flight and could be $21.95 or more.


For what Aeromexico lacks in pre-flight customer service at times, they make up for with in-flight customer service. Flight attendants are always attentive, friendly, and quick to recognize passengers with elite status. You don’t have all the benefits and high-end service options you get with some other long-haul business class cabins. However, the bar at the rear is Clase Premier is a nice perk.


Clase Premier cabin passengers only receive amenity kits on long-haul flights aboard the Dreamliner. The newest amenity kits are designed by hospitality specialists, FORMIA. Their ETRO-branded amenity kits debuted on Aeromexico in 2019 and feature skincare products and a beautiful paisley print XL eye mask.


Aeromexico meal.

You’ll likely get a small snack and drink service when flying Aeromexico within Mexico. When flying between Mexico and the United States, Central America, or the Caribbean, you’ll have a light meal with the main course, salad, and dessert. On long-haul flights, you will receive two meal services. Usually, one meal will be lighter.

Aeromexico notes renowned chefs designed the current menu but no longer include individual names. The exclusive menu is only available on flights departing from MEX for TIJ, SDQ, DEN, MIA, SJC, LAS, IAH, LAX, MDE, UIO, JFK, SEA, SFO, ORD, YUL, VYR, YYZ, BOG, LIM, LHR, MAD, CDG, AMS, SCL, EZE, GRU, and ICN. The food in Clase Premier is decent, but you may be underwhelmed if you’re used to international business class meals on other SkyTeam carriers.


Alcohol is complimentary in Clase Premier cabins. On intra-Mexico and some routes between the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean, alcohol options may be limited. Beer, wine, and a few liquors with mixers are available. These options are much like you would find on a domestic first-class cabin service in the United States. Long-haul flights on the Dreamliner feature more options, including a nice bar area towards the rear of Clase Premier, where you can hang out and order drinks throughout the flight.

Aeromexico Clase Premier business class vs. first class

Aeromexico Clase Premier on intra-Mexico flights is very similar to domestic first class in the United States. Aeromexico does not offer an international first-class cabin. Clase Premier is the highest cabin option on international flights.

How to book Aeromexico Clase Premier business class

Aeromexico lie-flat business class

While you can book flights on Aeromexico’s website, check SkyTeam partner sites. I’ve found better deals on Delta and KLM for the same flights I would’ve booked on Aeromexico’s website. However, one caveat is that not all routes will show on SkyTeam carrier sites. I recently tried to book Merida (MID) to Amsterdam (AMS) via Mexico City (MEX) on Delta. Delta doesn’t always show intra-Mexico flights, which can mean booking multiple reservations.

If you are booking intra-Mexico flights, check the airport code closely. Mexico City recently opened a new airport that the government is currently trying to force more airlines to use. Aeromexico operates a few domestic flights out of the new airport. The new airport is very far from the existing MEX airport. Be wary about booking flights at the new airport just yet as it’s not finished. There are no on-site services or transportation options to and from the airport.

How much does it cost for a business class ticket on Aeromexico?

Ticket prices for Clase Premier vary by route. While international long-haul tickets can cost several times a standard economy ticket, you can find some good deals closer to your intended travel date, especially for intra-Mexico routes. You might pay as little as $475 to Los Angeles, while a Europe Clase Premier could run over $5,000. At Going, we have seen cheap flights as low as $1,200 to Europe and under $400 roundtrip to Mexico.

How to upgrade to business class on Aeromexico for free

Your best chance at a free upgrade on Aeromexico is to have elite status with Aeromexico itself or a core SkyTeam partner airline, such as Delta, KLM, or Air France. Aeromexico is supposed to have reciprocal benefits with Delta for Medallion status upgrades per each carrier’s website. However, they haphazardly honor the information on their own website regarding upgrades.

Medallion upgrades typically don’t clear days ahead like you would assume, even with an empty Clase Premier cabin. You need to ask to be added to the upgrade list at the check-in counter. Despite the websites saying Delta members are entitled to Clase Premier upgrades on flights within Mexico and to the United States, some counter agents refuse to honor the SkyTeam agreement. I’ve been first on the upgrade list and outright skipped over for people further down on the list, with empty seats remaining in Clase Premier.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Clase Premier on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico allows you to bid on an upgrade to Clase Premier. The cost will depend on the route and whether your bid is accepted. You might also have the option to pay a fare difference between economy and business class when choosing your seat, provided there is space. For intra-Mexico flights, the upgrade option isn’t necessarily worth it. You can often purchase Clase Premier outright for less.

You can ask about last-minute upgrades at the counter, but don’t be surprised to hear they aren’t offering them, or Clase Premier is already full. You can check prices on both the website and Aeromexico App.

How many miles to upgrade on Aeromexico Clase Premier business class?

Upgrading to Clase Premier will vary, and you will need to contact Aeromexico directly. I have tried to upgrade using Delta miles and was told it was not possible. Aeromexico operates using points versus miles, so you will need to call and ask what options are available.


When it comes to Mexican airlines, Aeromexico beats out its competitors. However, it’s not without its share of issues, especially regarding reciprocal SkyTeam benefits. Despite the news releases and updates on Delta and Aeromexico’s websites, status benefits are often overlooked. If you’re booking Clase Premier, that may not be a problem. However, if you fly a lot and hold out for SkyTeam upgrades and benefits, you may be disappointed. There’s nothing worse than spending the extra money to choose a flight with the best upgrade options only to see them leave open seats in Clase Premier instead of upgrading Delta Medallion passengers.

Don’t be surprised to notice a difference in the level of service between Aeromexico airport personnel and SkyTeam partner employees. It’s not uncommon for check-in staff to care less whether you’re flying Clase Premier, a SkyTeam Elite Plus, or just a random passenger.

Aeromexico Clase Premier can be a great option if you’re a SkyTeam Elite passenger and looking to increase your elite status points. Intra-Mexico flights can add status miles quickly. Passengers looking to book Clase Premier on a long-haul route should have reasonable expectations that Aeromexico’s business class may not stack up to other SkyTeam carriers. If you can use miles or score a deal, it's definitely worth it.

Read more about business class: 

Frequently asked questions about Aeromexico Clase Premier business class

What does Aeromexico Clase Premier include?
Aeromexico Clase Premier tickets include a seat assignment in either an aisle or window seat, food and beverage service, checked baggage, and Sky Priority benefits.
Do you get lounge access with Aeromexico Clase Premier?
Yes, Aeromexico Clase Premier tickets include lounge access, even on intra-Mexico flights—provided you did not purchase an economy ticket and bid on an upgrade.
Is food served in Clase Premier on Aeromexico?
Yes, Aeromexico serves food in its Clase Premier. However, the hot meal service depends on the length of the route. For intra-Mexico flights, you might receive a package of trail mix, chips, or cookies on afternoon and evening flights. Morning flights might include a small, pre-packaged concha or another pastry item. Flights between Mexico and the United States typically include one plated meal service, while long-haul flights may have two meals, one lighter than the other.
How many checked bags do you get in Aeromexico Clase Premier?
With Clase Premier, your allowance is two checked bags, each weighing 70 lbs (32 kg). Delta medallion members should receive one extra checked bag per the SkyTeam agreement; however, in my experience, Aeromexico may deny the existence of that benefit.
How can you cancel or reschedule your Aeromexico Clase Premier business flight?
In most cases, you can make modifications to your flight directly on Aeromexico’s website or app. In some situations, you may need to call them to make changes.
What are the best seats in Aeromexico Clase Premier business class?
The best seats in Clase Premier will vary depending on the plane. You’ll always have access to an aisle or window seat, even on the small Embraer 190. Seats A and J are great options on the 787-9 Dreamliner if you’re flying solo. Go for A on the Embraer 190 if you’re flying solo, but keep in mind the overhead bins on this side of the plane are extremely small.
What is the difference between Clase Premier and Clase Premier Light?
Clase Premier Light debuted on March 1, 2022, for some Intra-Mexico flights. It’s currently available on routes between Mexico City and Ciudad Juarez, Cancun, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, La Paz, Merida, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Tuxtla, Gutierrez, and Villahermosa. It’s comparable to the European short-haul version of business class, in that it doesn’t feel very much like the long-haul experience at all. On these routes, Clase Premier Light is a 3-3 configuration with the middle seats blocked out. There is no Clase Premier cabin, and seats have no IFE and no power. Unless the fare is exceptional, or you want additional status miles, it’s not worth paying extra.
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Published June 16, 2023

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