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Flights to Las Vegas (LAS) overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 36% compared to normal flight prices to Las Vegas (LAS).

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Las Vegas (LAS)

Plan to fly during the Goldilocks Window

There isn’t a day of the week when airline tickets are routinely cheaper to buy, but there are times prior to a trip when the cost of tickets is typically lower. We call this the “Goldilocks Window,” when fares aren’t too high or too low, and it’s when travelers stand the best chance of getting a great deal on flights. For domestic travel, the Goldilocks Window is about 1-3 months before a flight. For international trips, it’s about 2-8 months in advance.

If, however, your trip is going to be during peak tourist season, or your travel dates are set in stone and can’t be moved, we suggest booking a little further in advance. Flying over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, for example, means starting to look in June or July for the best fares. And, though last-minute bargain fares occasionally pop up, they are by no means expected. On the contrary—fares tend to jump incrementally 21, 14, and 7 days before a flight, so book before then if possible.

Look at flights from different departure airports

There are almost always good deals on flights to Las Vegas, but sometimes that depends on your starting point. One way to potentially save on airfare to Sin City is by looking at flights that leave from airports other than the one closest to home—even if those airports require a flight to get there.

We find surprisingly low fares all the time from airports you might not expect, including smaller airports, and if you’re only looking at your home airport, you might miss out. Widen the proverbial net, and you might find much lower prices on flights from, say, Milwaukee to Vegas than from the Chicago airport that’s closer to home, which might make the drive to get there worth it.

Plan trips when flights are cheaper

This seems like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: If you can be flexible with your travel plans, you’ll save money if you schedule your trip outside of peak travel season. Summer is typically one of the busiest travel seasons in much of the world, what with those warm temperatures and school breaks, but high demand means higher prices. Shoulder seasons (the bookends on either end of summer, usually) are a more budget-friendly option when the weather is still nice, and the winter often means big savings to folks who don’t care about the weather.

If, on the other hand, you can’t be that flexible with your trip, there are still a couple of things you can do to make airfare a little less costly. The very beginning and end of summer tend to be a bit cheaper to fly, so look at flights in the first two weeks of June or the last two weeks of August. Try to avoid flying on Fridays or Sundays when flights tend to be more expensive—plan to fly when flights are usually cheaper (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays).

Sign up for flight alerts for specific trips

The cost of a plane ticket can change pretty dramatically over the course of a day, not to mention a week or month. Tracking fares can be a full-time job—take it from us. To get the best deals on airfare and still keep your 9-to-5, we suggest letting technology shoulder some of the workload. You can sign up for fare alerts for the itinerary (or itineraries) you’re considering, and you’ll get an email when the price drops into the range you want. Just remember that if your travel plans are flexible, you’ll have to set up a fare alert for each potential trip. Another option: join Going and get alerted any time we find a great deal from your airport.

Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport is the home base for several budget carriers, including Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit. There are more than 33 airlines serving LAS, and 142 airports around the U.S. have direct flights into Sin City.

Avoid Las Vegas’ high seasons

Las Vegas is one of those places that hardly seems to have a low season, but you’ll save money on airfare if you plan your trip during one of its (relatively) low seasons. That means looking first at a visit from late June through August, or from November through February (except for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

Don’t forget to check on Southwest airfares

Do a search for flights to Las Vegas and you’ll get a list of options so long it could be overwhelming. But don’t forget that there’s a big airline player missing from those lists: Southwest. Their flights don’t appear in OTA lists, so visit the Southwest site directly to compare their fares.

Look at the convention calendar

Aside from the usual holiday calendar, another calendar to consult before a trip to Las Vegas is the convention schedule. There are enormous conventions, trade shows, and other events going on all the time in Vegas, and if you’re not paying attention you could end up planning a trip during something like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January—the biggest convention in the country. Not only does airfare spike a bit for the city’s biggest events, but the availability of other things (like budget-friendly hotel rooms) dwindles, too.

Bonus: Join Going. We do the airfare searches for you every single day, and you’ll be able to track the prices on flights to Las Vegas regularly. That way, when you see a truly great deal, you’ll not only know it on sight but you’ll be able to buy it right away.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Las Vegas (LAS)

What is the airport code for Harry Reid International Airport?

The airport code for Harry Reid International Airport (formerly known as McCarran International Airport) is LAS.

When is high season in Las Vegas?

Thanks to a steady stream of conventions and events, not to mention the constant influx of vacationers, Las Vegas is busy pretty much year-round. March-May and September-November, when temperatures are relatively mild, can be especially busy, and the Christmas/New Year season sees another spike between people looking for a sunny winter break and some of the city’s biggest annual conventions (including CES in early January).

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

Las Vegas’ high seasons (March-May and September-November) might be more expensive, but it’s when the weather will be in that “hot but not too hot” sweet spot. You might want to avoid March and early April, as that’s when Spring Break crowds hit the town. The cheapest months to visit (June-August) are the ones when temperatures soar, so plan to spend a lot of time indoors (or in the pool).

Does Harry Reid International (LAS) have its own on-site hotel?

Las Vegas’ airport does not have any on-site hotels since the terminal is a short drive from dozens of hotels both on and off The Strip.

What lounges are available at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)?

There are only four lounges at the Las Vegas airport, only two of which are airport lounges. Three are located in the D concourse, which is connected to both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 by the airport tram.

American Express Centurion Lounge: Across from D1; open from 5am-11pm; menu created by a James Beard Award-nominated chef, cocktails and wine, shower suite, free WiFi. Access is free for Centurion members, AmEx global Platinum cardholders, and Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders.

The Club LAS at D: Near D33 on the second level; open 5am-12am; buffet and assorted beverages, shower facility, free WiFi. Club Passes are available for $50.

United Club: Between D33 and D35; open 4:30am-12:30am; light snacks, full-service bar, free WiFi. Access is free for United Club members, travelers flying first or business class on United or its Star Alliance partners, United Club Infinite cardholders, and some elite-status United or Star Alliance frequent flyers. Day Passes are also available for $59.

The Club LAS at E: Across from E2; open 5am-10pm; buffet and assorted beverages, shower facility, free WiFi. Club Passes are available for $50.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Harry Reid International Airport?

The rules for bringing an animal into Nevada from another state mostly depend on the animal. For dogs, cats, and ferrets, you’ll need a health certificate and certification of a current rabies vaccine. Check Nevada’s Department of Agriculture site for more details about these and all other animals, and check with the airline you’re flying—they have their own rules about flying with animals.

Service animals must be leashed while in the airport, and other animals must be kennelled. There are pet relief areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

How far is Harry Reid International Airport to Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas airport is a short 5-6 miles from downtown Las Vegas by car.

What are the transportation options for getting from Harry Reid International Airport to Las Vegas?

The easiest and fastest way to get from LAS into the city is by car, whether that’s a taxi, rideshare, or rental car. It’s cheapest to use the city bus, just note that it takes a little longer and doesn’t have door-to-door service.

By taxi or rideshare: With light traffic, the drive from Harry Reid International to Las Vegas can take under 15 minutes. There isn’t a flat rate for taxis between the airport and the city, but fares range from $25-40 depending on your destination. Rideshare trips run about $17-28, depending on traffic and demand.

By public transportation: The city’s bus lines 108, 109, and the Centennial Express (CX) all connect the airport to different parts of the Las Vegas area. All three lines depart from Terminal 1, and the CX also departs from Terminal 3. A bus fare is $4 for visitors.

How long is the flight to Las Vegas?

Flights into Las Vegas vary in duration depending on where you’re coming from, of course, but if you’re on a direct flight, you can expect a flight from the East Coast to Vegas to run about 5.5 hours, from the Southeast about 5 hours, from the Midwest about 3.5-4 hours, and from the West Coast under 2 hours. Any itinerary that requires a layover potentially adds several hours to the trip.

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