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Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 36% compared to normal flight prices to South Carolina.

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to South Carolina

Buy tickets in the Goldilocks Window

Finding a great deal on airfare might seem like it’s all down to luck—but when you pay attention to the price changes as much as we do, you notice some patterns. There’s this period before a flight, for instance, when you’re most likely to get a good deal on a ticket. It’s 1-3 months before a domestic trip and 2-8 months before an international one. We call this sweet spot the Goldilocks Window: not too early, and not too late.

There are some situations when you’d need to add more time to the Goldilocks Window. If your travel dates aren’t flexible, or if you’re planning a trip over a big holiday or during peak season, add a few months to the math. And, despite what you might have heard, super cheap last-minute fares are extremely rare. On the contrary, airlines nearly always raise prices as a flight nears, especially 21, 14, and 7 days before departure, so be sure to book before those points.

Give the Greek Islands Trick a try

Another money-saving tip we love to share is something we call the Greek Islands Trick—but it works for destinations all over the globe. The gist is that sometimes flying directly to where you want to go isn’t the cheapest option. Sometimes, you can save a bundle by looking instead for the cheapest flight that gets you pretty close to where you want to be and then finding a separate transit method (another flight, a train, or even a road trip) to close the gap.

Flying from Los Angeles to South Carolina might not seem terribly expensive when you find fares around $250-350 roundtrip, depending on the arrival airport. But if you move the map a little bit, you might notice there’s a fare from LAX to Charlotte just over the border in North Carolina for a little over $150 roundtrip. That kind of savings might make the drive from Charlotte to your South Carolina holiday spot well worth the time. These kinds of two-part itineraries do require more attention to detail, especially if the second part of the trip involves another airline ticket, but the savings may be worth it.

Consider alternate departure airports

This tip is sort of the flip side of the Greek Islands Trick. In this case, rather than looking at other options for the arrival airport, we’re checking out fares from different departure airports. If you live in a place with a few big airports nearby, you probably already do this—but it’s a habit all travelers should get into. We see surprisingly great fares departing from airports all over the country, big and small, and if you’re only focused on one departure point, you could be missing out.

Let’s say you live near Madison, Wisconsin, and you want to fly to Myrtle Beach. You see that flights from Madison to Myrtle Beach are around $260 roundtrip. That’s not bad, but before you click the buy button, you take a peek at the fares to Myrtle Beach from Chicago and find nonstop flights are around $130 roundtrip. With an extra $130 back in your travel budget, the 3-hour road trip to Chicago could be very appealing.

Fly when it’s cheaper

This sounds like an obvious point, but it’s more nuanced than it sounds. After all, if it was easy to know when it’s cheaper to fly, you probably wouldn’t need to read tips about saving money on airfare. What we’re talking about when we say “fly when it’s cheaper” is flexibility. Plan your trips during the shoulder seasons (or, even better, the off-season) rather than the costly high season, and you can save big on airfare.

The reality, though, is that not everyone has the luxury of flexibility when planning trips. We’re hemmed in by work and school schedules or by the warm weather that’s required for our dream beach holidays. There are still a couple of ways you can stay flexible in travel planning and save a little bit. If you have no option but a summer vacation, check out fares in the first two weeks of June or the last two weeks of August, which tend to be some of the cheapest summer weeks to fly. When scheduling flights, try to avoid the more expensive days to fly (Fridays and Sundays), and book flights on the generally cheaper days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays) instead.

Set fare alerts for specific itineraries

Most people have better things to do with their time than scouring the internet for cheap airfare. Luckily, there’s an automation solution that’s easy to use. When you’re considering a trip, set up a fare alert for that itinerary. You’ll then get an email when the price drops so you can track ticket prices and know when it’s a good time to buy. If you’re thinking about a few trip options, just note that you’ll need to set an alert for each itinerary. Or you could join Going and hand over the whole project to our airfare deal experts.

The busiest airport in South Carolina is Charleston International Airport (CHS), but Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) are close behind. With three airports that have relatively similar passenger traffic numbers, you stand a good chance of finding a great deal on a fare from almost anywhere in the US.

Charleston is an operating base for Breeze Airways, with service from a dozen other airlines. There are 52 domestic airports with nonstop flights to Charleston.

Myrtle Beach’s airport, despite the name, has only domestic flights. There are 10 airlines serving MYR, with most flights handled by Spirit and Allegiant, and 50 domestic airports with nonstop flights to Myrtle Beach.

Greenville’s airport is another with “international” in the name but only domestic flights. It’s served by seven airlines, and there are 25 domestic airports with nonstop flights to Greenville.

Frequently asked questions about flying to South Carolina

When is high season in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s busiest tourist season is a little longer than the typical summer months. Because summers in the state get extremely hot and humid, the high season starts a little early, around May. In some places along the coast (where locals and visitors alike can cool off), peak season goes right through August or September. In other places (like the Lowcountry), muggy weather means a drop in crowds and prices for much of July and August, followed by another bit of high season in September-October.

One of the biggest events on the calendar takes place in late May through mid-June each year in Charleston: the Spoleto festival. Hotels get booked well in advance, so plan accordingly. May can also bring storms, so pack a light rain jacket. Hurricane season in South Carolina is roughly August through October.

When is the best time to visit South Carolina?

Because of the heat and humidity in summer, South Carolina’s shoulder seasons offer some of the most pleasant weather. The late spring (April-May) and early autumn (September-October) are particular favorites. It’s usually not too hot or humid in these months, though crowd sizes and prices both reflect that these are also peak season months (depending on where you are in the state).

How many airports are there in South Carolina?

There are six major commercial airports in South Carolina, with Charleston International Airport (CHS) being the busiest. It’s followed fairly closely by Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP). The airports in Columbia (CAE) and Hilton Head (HXD) are less busy in terms of passenger traffic, but there are often good deals to both of these cities in addition to the state’s bigger airports.

Which city in South Carolina is the easiest to get to?

There are 52 airports around the US with nonstop service to Charleston and 50 with service to Myrtle Beach, so both of these airports offer good options for getting to South Carolina. And even though Greenville’s airport only has 25 nonstop domestic flights, we also regularly find as many deals to Greenville-Spartanburg as we do to Charleston or Myrtle Beach. It’s also not a bad idea to check on flights to Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) and Hilton Head Airport (HXD), since we also find a decent number of deals to these cities, too.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to South Carolina?

There are different regulations for traveling with a pet to South Carolina based on where you’re coming from and what kind of animal you’re bringing. If you’d like to bring your dog on a trip to South Carolina from elsewhere in the United States, for example, you’ll need to get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and be able to show that your dog is up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations. You can learn more about South Carolina’s rules for dogs as well as what’s required for other animals on this website. You should also check with your airline to find out what their rules are about flying with pets.

How long is the flight to South Carolina?

Flights to South Carolina from destinations in other states on the eastern coast, such as New York or Philadelphia, may be in the range of 2-3 hours. From midwestern cities like Chicago, it’s a flight time of roughly 2-2.5 hours. From the West Coast of the US, it’s more like 6-7 hours. And, if you can’t find a good deal on a nonstop flight, keep in mind that any connecting flights will add hours to your travel day.

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