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Flights to Maryland overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 34% compared to normal flight prices to Maryland.

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Maryland

Book in the Goldilocks Window

If you’re wondering whether you should plan ahead or wait until the last minute to find the cheapest flights, the answer is plan ahead. In fact, there’s a window when prices are typically cheapest. We call it the Goldilocks Window, not too soon before a flight but not too late either. The window is about 1–3 months before a domestic flight or 2–8 months before an international trip.

If you plan to travel during a peak season though, like summer in Maryland, or for a wedding or other event where your dates aren’t flexible, look on the earlier side. For a July trip, start searching for flights in February, for example. Waiting until the last minute can be tempting but also costly. We’ve found that last-minute deals are few and far between, especially during busy travel seasons, with fare jumps happening 21, 14, and 7 days in advance of departures.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

Maryland may be far from the Greek islands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use our beloved Greek Islands Trick to get there. Despite the name, the trick works all over the world. The goal is to get as close to your final destination as possible, then find an alternate mode of transit or low cost airline flight for your last leg.

So, say you want to visit Maryland for Labor Day weekend, but tickets are out of your price range. Instead, look for flights to DC, Richmond, or Philadelphia. If you find a great deal, from there you can take a bus, train, or rent a car to close the gap. This involves a little more planning on your part, but it could save you a few hundred bucks.

Search alternative departure airports

If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, and want to visit Maryland for a summer ocean getaway, you could be looking at flights of around $450. Check out fares from Milwaukee or Chicago, where you could find a deal for around $250. Saving $200 seems worth the short drive to us.

We see shockingly cheap fares from all sorts of airports, big and small, and if you’re only looking at your home airport you could miss out. For flights around the US, you can save money by looking for fares from nearby airports, even if they require a drive or bus ride to reach.

Fly when it’s cheaper

Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons in many parts of the world, and Maryland is no exception. It makes sense, as kids are out of school and families can take vacation; additionally, Maryland’s beaches and seaside towns are some of its main draws. Of course, more people wanting to travel in a specific and limited timeframe means airlines can charge more for tickets.

The more flexible you can be with your travel dates, the better your chances of finding cheaper flights. Shoulder seasons are travel favorites, tucked on either side of a destination’s high and low seasons. Think May or late September–October in Maryland. If you’re not visiting the beach, you can save even more by traveling in the off season.

If you are planning to travel during the summer, there are still ways to save. Try to find fares on what are generally the cheapest days to fly: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Avoid Fridays and Sundays, the most expensive days to fly, if you can.

Set alerts for specific trips

Searching for flights can be frustrating. It takes time out of your day, and you never know if you missed a great deal. But you can actually let technology do some of the work for you. Set up fare alerts for your itinerary, and you’ll get an email when tickets drop into your target price range or by a noteworthy amount. We recommend doing this at least a few months before so you can see the deals that pop up during the Goldilocks Window.

Maryland is well-connected to the world, with at least 90 airports in 15 countries offering direct flights to Baltimore. Most visitors can reach Maryland on a nonstop or one-stop flight.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Maryland

When is the high season in Maryland?

The high season in Maryland depends on where you’re going. If you’re visiting the waterfront, like in Annapolis or Ocean City, high season runs from May–September, when beaches are warm, you can fish, and weather is great for sailing. If you’re visiting Baltimore, high season is typically in the summer, but it can get busy throughout baseball season for certain games.

If you’re planning to visit Bethesda or another area near Washington, DC, you’ll likely run into high season prices and traffic from DC, like during the April cherry blossom festival and other local events.

When is the best time to visit Maryland?

There’s no real bad time to visit Maryland, but the best time to visit depends on why you’re visiting. If you’re going for the beaches, your best bet for warm weather is June–early September. If you’re here to eat the state’s famous Blue Crab, the season runs from April–November.

The best time to save money is visiting in the winter, from January–February. If you’re visiting Maryland for the museums and restaurants, this is the perfect time to go. Shoulder seasons are also one of our favorite times to visit because you’ll get lower prices but still have warm weather. Think May or late September–early October. It’s usually still warm enough to swim in October, but most crowds leave after Labor Day.

How many airports are there in Maryland?

There are three commercial service airports in Maryland. By far the most popular is Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI). Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) or Salisbury Regional Airport (SBY) are other options, though they don’t have many flight options.

Which city in Maryland is the easiest to get to?

Baltimore is the easiest city in Maryland to reach. It has a medium-sized international airport with flights from dozens of cities in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. The cities near DC, like Chevy Chase and Bethesda, are also easy to reach.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Maryland?

If you’re traveling from within the US, you’ll have to follow your airline’s rules on traveling with pets. Maryland has state-specific restrictions for some animals, like livestock, but not most domestic pets. If you’re visiting from outside of the US, requirements vary based on the country you’re coming from. There are vaccination requirements, testing, and other specifications depending on the type of animal. The USDA lists regulations based on the type of animal and home country.

How long is the flight to Maryland?

From around the East Coast, the flight to Maryland takes 1–3 hours. From the Midwest or much of the South, it’s 2–3 hours. From Denver it’s 3.5 hours, from Phoenix it’s 4 hours, and from the West Coast it’s 4.5–5.5 hours.

From around the Caribbean and Mexico the flight can range from 2.5–4.5 hours, and from London it’s 8 hours. From most of the rest of the world you’ll have to make a connection, and your flight time could range from 7–20 hours.

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