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Flights to Punta Cana (PUJ) overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 38% compared to normal flight prices to Punta Cana (PUJ).

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Punta Cana (PUJ)

Book in the Goldilocks Window

People ask us all the time if there’s a specific day of the week when flights are cheapest. Our answer is no, but there is a time period when you can find the best deals. We call it the Goldilocks Window—not too last minute, but not too early. For domestic flights, that means booking 1–3 months before a trip. For international trips, the sweet spot is a little earlier and longer, about 2–8 months ahead of a trip.

For those traveling during a high season, or on a trip with specific dates, we recommend planning even further in advance. If you’re planning to travel over the December holidays, you should start looking for fares in July, for example.

Last-minute deals are extremely rare. In fact, prices tend to jump at the last minute, especially at the 21-, 14-, and 7-day points before a departure date; book before those points if possible.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

Even if you’re watching fares like a hawk, some flights never seem to get any cheaper. For times like these, we turn to our Greek Islands Trick. Basically, you get as close as you can to your final destination, then look for a cheap regional flight or other transit option for the last leg. It works especially well for getting to popular Greek islands, like Santorini, in peak season (via London, for example), but the trick can be used anywhere.

Since Punta Cana is so close to the states and often relatively cheap to get to, it might not always make sense to use this trick. However, it might be nice to know how to use it for other destinations—and you never know, it could come in handy for Punta Cana depending on where you live in the US. People in Miami likely won’t need to use it when Punta Cana is just a short flight away. But what if you live in Seattle? You could look for a cheap flight to Miami or San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you find a great deal, then look for a cheap flight from one of those destinations to Punta Cana. It could be cheaper than flying from Seattle to Punta Cana.

Search alternative departure airports

If you live in Boston, you’ve maybe searched for flights from New York in the past, but you might not have thought to search much farther afield. However, sometimes you can save a ton of money by looking at flights from cities that at first glance don’t seem even remotely close to your home airport.

Florida, for example, has tons of flights to Punta Cana. It’s worth checking for flights out of Florida airports like Miami or Orlando, and if you find a truly amazing deal, then look for cheap flights from Boston to Miami. If you can find a $130 flight from Miami to Orlando and a $150 flight from Boston to Miami, versus a $650 flight from Boston to Punta Cana, it could be worth the extra planning.

Don’t forget to check nearby airports too, like New York.

Fly when it’s cheaper

If your schedule is flexible, travel outside the busy season. The shoulder season from March–May is a great time to visit Punta Cana. Peak travel season is over but summer hasn’t hit, so you’ll get fewer crowds, cheaper prices, and avoid muggy or rainy summer weather. Of course, if you don’t mind hot weather and are okay spending a day indoors if it rains, you can find great deals during the summer.

If your heart is set on a winter getaway to Punta Cana, we don’t blame you. Try to at least look for fares on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Those are generally the cheapest days to fly, while Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive.

Set alerts for specific trips

Perhaps the simplest way to find cheap flights is to not even look for them. Just sit back and let technology do the work. Set up fare alerts for your desired itinerary and any other dates or airports you would be okay with flying into or out of. We recommend doing this ahead of the Goldilocks Window we talked about above so you can see the deals that come through during that time. Then, you’ll get an email when fares drop by a noteworthy amount. All you have to do is book.

Punta Cana is well served by East Coast airports and airports around the Caribbean. Around five European cities also offer direct flights to Punta Cana. If you live in Chicago, Austin, or a major city east of those, chances are you can find a nonstop flight. From elsewhere in the US, and from much of the rest of the world, you’ll make a connection.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Punta Cana (PUJ)

What is the airport code for Punta Cana International Airport?

The airport code for Punta Cana International Airport is PUJ.

When is high season in Punta Cana?

December to March is high season in Punta Cana, when tourists from around the US visit to escape the cold. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are especially busy weeks. That said, April can still be busy with spring break travelers.

When is the best time to visit Punta Cana?

Winter is one of the best times to visit Punta Cana—and also one of the busiest. Reliably warm and sunny weather brings crowds for a reason. March to May is among the best times to visit. The crowds have dissipated a bit but the weather isn’t too hot. June to November is hurricane season, and October is usually the rainiest month. If your plans can be flexible, this is the cheapest time to travel.

Does PJU have its own on-site hotel?

There are no hotels attached to the actual terminal, but there is one hotel nearby.

What lounges are available at PUJ?

There are two lounges at PUJ. The Punta Cana International Airport VIP Lounge has a location in Terminal A and Terminal B. The lounges have snacks, beer and wine, flight monitors, newspapers, TVs, and wifi. The Terminal B lounge has an infinity pool with a view of the runway. PriorityPass, Lounge Key, and Lounge Club members all have access to the lounge. You can also purchase a day pass for $50.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to PUJ?

Pets traveling through PUJ, with the exception of service animals, must be kept in a carrier. They must have a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian and up-to-date vaccines. You should also research your airline’s policy before traveling.

How far is PUJ from Punta Cana?

The airport is located about three miles from Punta Cana, an easy trip into town.

What are the transportation options for getting from PUJ to Punta Cana?

The only way to get from PUJ to Downtown Punta Cana is by car. You can rent a car, arrange a shuttle or transfer with your hotel, or get an Uber or taxi. The drive takes about 10 minutes and costs about $20 in an airport taxi.

How long is the flight to Punta Cana?

You can fly directly to Punta Cana from numerous cities in the US, several Canadian cities, and other Caribbean countries. The flight time from Miami is about 2.5 hours, while from elsewhere on the East Coast and from the Midwest it’s from 4–5 hours. From Atlanta, flights are just over 3 hours. If you’re traveling from elsewhere in the US, you’ll likely make a connection; flight times can range from 6–13 hours. From around the Caribbean, flights are short, from 1–2 hours.

There are not many airlines outside the US with direct flights to Punta Cana. You’ll likely make a connection in New York, Miami, or elsewhere on the East Coast of the US.

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