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Flights to Denver International Airport (DEN) overview

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Denver International Airport (DEN)

Buy airline tickets during the Goldilocks Window

Great deals on airfare can pop up at any time, but we’ve found that a sweet spot in advance of a trip when ticket prices tend to be at their best. With domestic trips, it’s 1-3 months beforehand. With international trips, it’s 2-8 months ahead of time. We call this period the Goldilocks Window, and it’s the time we recommend travelers buy their plane tickets.

However, if your trip happens to be during a busy travel season or a holiday, or your travel dates are firm, we recommend adding a few months to that time. When you’re hoping to fly home for the Christmas holidays, for instance, you should be checking fares starting in July. Last-minute bargains on airfare are rare enough that you shouldn’t count on those, either. On the contrary, airlines typically bump prices up at the 21-, 14-, and 7-day mark before a flight, so be sure to book before then if you can.

Look at fares from multiple airports

Even if you’ve gotten used to watching the prices on flights from your home airport, you may be missing out on better deals if you’re only considering departures from one place. We routinely see jaw-dropping fares from airports all over the place, big and small, that could help you save quite a bit on your next trip.

Let’s say you’re looking at fares from Portland, Maine, to Denver, and they’re hovering in the $360 range for a nonstop flight. Zoom out on the map a bit, and you’ll see the fares we found from Boston to Denver are under $150. So, even if you couple that with the $90 roundtrip fare from Portland to Boston instead of driving, you’re still coming out ahead.

Plan your trip around when flights are cheaper

This may sound like obvious advice, but if you use the cost of flights as the starting point for your trip (instead of deciding when you want to go and only then looking at airfare), you may save a significant chunk of change. It’s all about being flexible with your travel plans, which usually means looking outside the peak travel seasons. This gives you a far better chance of finding a killer deal.

If you don’t have the luxury of flexibility, or you know you’ll be traveling during the high season, there are still a couple of ways you can save a little bit of money on flights. If you have no alternative but to travel in the summer, the first two weeks of June and the last two weeks of August tend to be a little cheaper. You should also try to avoid flying on the days of the week that are usually more expensive (Fridays and Sundays). Flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are typically cheaper.

Put fare alerts to work for you

One of the times technology can be your best friend is when you’re trying to get a good deal on airfare, but you’re too busy to check airfare every few hours. Rather than stressing yourself out about possibly missing a cheap fare, we recommend signing up for fare alerts for the itineraries you’re considering. You’ll get an email when the price drops into the range you’re looking for or by a certain amount, so you’re more confident that you’re not overpaying. Just remember that if your travel plans are flexible, you’ll have to set up individual fare alerts for every itinerary you’re looking at. Another option: Join Going and let us search for the best deals to all destinations from your home airport.

Denver International Airport is one of the main hubs for United Airlines, as well as Southwest Airlines’ biggest operating base. It’s also a focus city for Frontier Airlines. There are 23 airlines serving DEN, and direct flights from 185 airports around the United States.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Denver International Airport (DEN)

What is the airport code for Denver International Airport?

The airport code for Denver International Airport is DEN.

When is high season in Denver?

Denver’s peak travel season is June-August, when the weather is warmest and the vast outdoor playground that is Colorado beckons. But this is a city that brags about its 300 days of sun per year, so you don’t have to restrict your travel plans to the high summer season just to get warm weather. There’s a bit of an uptick in tourism when the nearby ski resorts open for business (usually in early November), but it’s not as busy as the summer months.

When is the best time to visit Denver?

Since Denver gets so much sunshine practically year-round, its shoulder seasons are especially excellent times to visit—it’s not as hot as the summer, and the great outdoors is (arguably) even more pleasant to be in. You may get a bit of rain in April-May, but the temperatures are mild, and there are fewer visitors. September-October may be the best of the best times to visit, though, for both the gorgeous autumn scenery and the food festivals.

Does Denver International Airport have its own on-site hotel?

While it’s not technically attached to the airport, the Westin Denver International Airport Hotel is a few short steps away from the terminal across the Plaza. It has a gym, an indoor pool, and several on-site restaurants. Room rates start around $400 per night.

What lounges are available at Denver International Airport?

Denver’s airport has seven lounges. Six of them are airline lounges, and one is an American Express lounge.

A Gates Concourse There is an American Airlines Admirals Club at the north end of the A concourse. Food is available for purchase, and there’s free WiFi. Admirals Club members, American Airlines travelers flying first or business class, Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard cardholders with an AA boarding pass, ConciergeKey members with an AA boarding pass, and AirPass members with Admirals Club privileges get free entry. Day passes are available for $59.

There is a Delta Sky Club on level 4 of the A concourse’s center core that offers free food, drinks, and WiFi. Sky Club members, Delta’s and Air France’s first-class or business-class ticketholders, SkyMiles Reserve cardholders, and AmEx Platinum cardholders with a Delta boarding pass get free entry.

B Gates Concourse There are two United Clubs in the B concourse. The United Club West is near B30 and offers a self-serve bar, breakfast and afternoon snacks, and free WiFi. The United Club Fly is near B62 and is a “grab-and-go” lounge with packaged snack items you can take for your flight. United Club members, travelers flying first or business class on United or its Star Alliance partners, United Club Infinite cardholders, and some elite-status United or Star Alliance frequent flyers get free entry. Day Passes are also available for $59.

C Gates Concourse There is an American Express Centurion Lounge on the C concourse mezzanine near C46 that offers local beer, fresh meals, and free WiFi. Centurion members, AmEx Platinum cardholders, and Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders get free entry.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Denver International Airport?

Colorado’s rules about animals you can bring from another state vary depending on the type of animal. Dogs, for instance, must have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) dated within the last 30 days before entry, and they must be current on their rabies vaccinations. You can find out more about the specific requirements for the animal you’re bringing by visiting the Colorado Department of Agriculture website. You’ll also need to check with your airline regarding the rules they have set for flying with animals.

In the Denver airport itself, service animals must be leashed at all times, and non-service animals must be kenneled. There is at least one pet relief area in each of the three concourses, and there’s also a “pet resort” called Wag Hotels that’s near the airport for boarding cats or dogs while you’re traveling.

How far is Denver International Airport to Denver?

The Denver airport is about 30 miles from the city center by car using the most direct route.

What are the transportation options for getting from Denver International Airport to Denver?

Denver International offers easy access for taxis, rideshares, and rental cars, as well as good public transportation options for getting into the city.

By rideshare or taxi: In light traffic, the 30-mile drive from DEN to downtown Denver takes 45-50 minutes. Taxis have four flat rates for the trip between the airport and the city, depending on which zone you’re going to. Those rates are in the $35-80 range, and a metered taxi trip is usually $80-100. Rideshare trips generally cost $40-90, depending on traffic and demand.

By public transportation: The A Line commuter train connects the Denver airport to Union Station in downtown Denver in less than 40 minutes, and a ticket costs $10.50. There are also a number of bus routes that serve different parts of the metro area from the airport (AB, AT, 104L, 145X, and 169L). Bus tickets also cost $10.50, and the routes are a little more circuitous.

How long is the flight to Denver?

Denver is fairly close to the middle of the continental US, but flight times still vary depending on where you’re coming from. Flights from the Northeast are usually around 4.5 hours, from the Southeast around 4 hours, from the Midwest around 2.5-3 hours, and from the West Coast 2.5-3 hours.

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