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Flights to Madrid (MAD) overview

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Madrid (MAD)

Book in the Goldilocks Window

We’re always asked about the best day of the week to book flights. The truth? There isn't one. But there is a timeframe when flights tend to be cheaper. It’s about 1–3 months before a domestic flight and 2–8 months before an international flight. We call this time period the Goldilocks Window because it’s not too far ahead but also not too close to your departure date.

If you’re booking a flight during peak travel season or if your trip requires specific travel dates, like for a wedding, we recommend planning even further in advance. If, for example, you’re hoping to visit Madrid for Christmas markets in December, you should start looking at fares in July. Last-minute deals are virtually nonexistent during busy travel seasons. In fact, we see fare jumps happen pretty regularly at the 21-, 14-, and 7-day points before a trip, so it’s best to book before those dates if you can.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

One of our favorite tips for getting to the Greek islands during pricey travel periods is to look for the cheapest flight to another European city—like London, Paris, or Milan—then find a budget airline flight from there. And guess what? This Greek Islands Trick works all over Europe, especially during busy summer months.

If flights from Miami to Madrid are too expensive, look for flights to Paris, London, or Milan instead (really to anywhere in Europe). From there, look for a budget airline flight to Madrid, or look for a train or bus that can get you there in a reasonable time. There are more logistics involved, but you could save a ton of money on your summer holiday.

Search alternative departure airports

This is like the Greek Islands Trick but in reverse. So if you live in Miami but flights are very expensive to Madrid, you could look for flights from Orlando or elsewhere within driving distance. You could even look for flights from Atlanta or New York, then take a flight on the front end to get to your departure airport. Sometimes, a deal from another airport is so amazing it’s worth a short flight.

If you see a deal from Atlanta to Madrid for $400 in July, for example, it might be worth seeing if you can find a flight under $200 from Miami to Atlanta. Again, it’s a bit more work, but it could be worth it.

Fly when it’s cheaper

The easiest way to save on flights is to avoid traveling during peak seasons. Travel during the shoulder seasons instead, when you’ll still get nice weather but also get cheaper hotel and flight prices, as you’ll be fighting with fewer tourists to lock in a good deal. Late April, May, October, and November are wonderful times to visit Madrid for deals and good weather. If you’re traveling from the US, Thanksgiving week can be an especially good time to find deals. Most people travel domestically during this week, so airlines discount international flight prices.

If you do want to visit Madrid during the summer or in December, when prices are high, try to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays, which are usually the cheapest days to fly. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive. And while summer is a busy period in Madrid, the last two weeks of August are often the cheapest weeks to travel there in the summer.

Set alerts for specific trips

Searching flights every day can be demoralizing, especially if they never seem to get any cheaper. We get it! But there are ways to make technology search flights for you.

Set up fare alerts for your Madrid dates and your departure airport. If your dates or airports are flexible, make sure to set up a few alerts to cover your bases. All you have to do after that is wait for an email alert telling you prices have dropped.

MAD is the largest airport in Spain, with direct flights from more than 200 airports around the world and servicing most major airlines, as well as budget carriers. Many people in the US and elsewhere will be able to find a direct flight to Madrid, and almost everyone can get there with just one stop.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Madrid (MAD)

What is the airport code for Madrid-Barajas Airport?

The airport code for Madrid-Barajas Airport is MAD.

When is high season in Madrid?

High season in Madrid is June–August, as well as December. Most families around the US and the rest of the world take vacations in the summer, when kids are out of school, and people flock to the city in December for Christmas markets and other holiday festivities.

When is the best time to visit Madrid?

Some of the best times to visit Madrid are during the shoulder seasons, from late April to early June, as well as from September to November. Temperatures are warm during the day and cool at night, and there are fewer crowds than during the summer. These are great times to visit outdoor markets and parks, and also to spend time wandering the city’s neighborhoods without crowds or extreme heat. You’re also more likely to find deals than in peak seasons.

Does MAD have its own on-site hotel?

The airport operates a hotel inside Terminal 4 on level 1. It has rooms with double or single beds that can be booked overnight or in 3–6 hour intervals. Rooms have private bathrooms and showers, a courtesy mini bar, coffee, toiletries, TVs, and free wifi. There is also breakfast. Rooms start at €75 for three hours.

What lounges are available at MAD?

  • Terminal 1: Sala VIP Cibeles
  • Terminal 2: Sala VIP Puerta De Alcala
  • Terminal 3: Sala VIP Puerta Del Sol
  • Terminal 4: Iberia Dali, Premium Lounge, Premium Traveller Arrivals Lounge, Sala VIP Plaza Mayor
  • Terminal 4S: Iberia Velazquez, Neptune Lounge

All of the Premium and Sala lounges are available to all passengers. First Class, Preferred Class, and Business Class passengers get complimentary access, while others can purchase access starting at €40 for three hours. All lounges have snacks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, wifi, TVs, flight monitors, and showers. The Sala VIP Lounges also have children’s areas. The Neptune Lounge has similar amenities, and passengers can buy a day pass for €35.

The Iberia Dali and Iberia Velazquez lounges are open to Business Plus, Business Club, and Business Class passengers, as well as Iberia Plus, Platinum, and Gold cardholders and Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire cardholders. The Dali lounge has showers, rest areas, two bars, and hot and cold food options. The Velazquez lounge has a wine bar, a full menu of Spanish dishes, a relaxation area, and showers, as well as a children’s space with video game consoles and TVs.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Madrid?

Pets in the Madrid airport must remain in carriers, and visitors must follow airline-specific guidelines for traveling with pets. In addition, visitors from outside of Spain must fit their pet with a microchip, make sure their pets’ rabies vaccinations are up to date, and have a pet passport, among other restrictions.

How far is MAD from Madrid?

The Madrid airport is about 10 miles from the city center, around a 20–25 minute drive in light traffic.

What are the transportation options for getting from MAD to Madrid?

There are a number of options to get from MAD to Madrid.

  • By taxi: Airport taxis are located outside each terminal. The trip should take around 25 minutes in light traffic or up to 50 minutes during peak hours. The fare to the city center is set at €30. Uber is available at the airport, though it can take a while to find a driver. An Uber will cost €15–€30.
  • By public transportation: The Airport Express Line 203 bus runs from the airport to the Atocha Train Station. Buses run every 15–20 minutes during the day and every 35 minutes at night; they pick up at the departures and arrivals levels of both terminals. Tickets are €5 and can be bought on the bus with cash, card, or mobile pay. Two train lines also go from the airport to Atocha Station in about 30 minutes—the C1 and C10. Both leave every 30 minutes and cost €2.60 one way. Tickets are available from machines in the station. Finally, you can take the Pink Metro Line 8 and transfer at the Nuevos Ministerios Station to Line 10. Metros run every 6–8 minutes and cost €4.50 one way. Tickets can be bought at machines inside the station.

How long is the flight to Madrid?

From around Europe, the trip to Madrid is 1–2 hours, and there are dozens of direct flights from almost every country. If you’re flying from the US, the trip will take about 7 hours from New York or elsewhere in the Northeast. From Chicago, Texas, Atlanta and Miami, it’s around 8 hours, and from LA, it’s 11.

There are direct flights to Madrid from Costa Rica and a few other places in Central America that take about 11 hours. From Rio de Janeiro, it’s 10 hours. From Dubai, the flight is 8 hours, and from Beijing, it’s 12. Around 70 countries offer direct flights to Madrid. From elsewhere, you’ll have to make a connection, likely somewhere in Europe, and your flight could range from 9–15 hours.

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