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Flights to Dublin (DUB) overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 42% compared to normal flight prices to Dublin (DUB).

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Dublin (DUB)

Book in the Goldilocks Window

While there’s no magical cheapest day to buy a flight, there is a cheapest period of time to buy a flight, magical or not. We call it the Goldilocks Window, which runs from 1-3 months before a domestic flight and 2-8 months before an international one. At the very least, this will save you from the almost certain 21-, 14-, and 7-day price hikes.

For flights during peak travel season like June-August or around the winter holidays, that window changes. If you’re planning to take a winter vacation, you’ll want to book in June or July, while summer flights will be cheapest the December or January beforehand. Think of booking in the opposite season when traveling during busy times.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

When traveling from a big airport to a smaller city, taking a less-common route, or heading to a faraway destination that’s known to be pricey (like the Greek Islands), this trick comes in handy. Rather than shelling out a hefty sum from your local airport to your destination of choice, you break the trip into smaller chunks.

The idea is to get across the ocean or in the general area of your final destination on the cheapest flight possible. Then all that’s left is a regional flight on a budget airline, a train ride, or a ferry ride. This roundabout way of getting to your destination can be far cheaper than booking directly from Point A to Point B, like flying from your home airport to London and then getting a cheap flight the rest of the way to Dublin (or hopping on a train and then a ferry).

Search alternate departure airports

Sure, it’s convenient to fly from the airport nearest to you, but if you’re struggling to find low fares to Dublin, consider looking at flights from other departure airports. If you live in Boston, for example, look into your options from Providence and Hartford as well as Logan Airport. You may have to drive a couple of hours away to get it, but an incredibly low price can sweeten the deal.

In some cases, you may want to look into flights departing from airports around the country. We’ve seen deals like $200 roundtrip to Dublin from NYC. Fares that low can make long-haul trips much more accessible and may just be worth a connecting domestic flight.

Fly when it’s cheaper

Summer is the busiest time for travel all around the world, Ireland included, when temperatures rise, and families use school vacation time to get away. Busy travel times give airlines an excuse to drive up their prices, which is why the summer months and days around the winter holidays can be some of the most expensive times to fly.

If you can, schedule your vacation during a shoulder season (like fall or spring) to find better deals and avoid the crowds. Sometimes you have no choice but to travel during peak season, and luckily there are still some ways to avoid the highest fares. One is to book flights that depart on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday to avoid the pricier Friday or Sunday options.

Set alerts for specific trips

If you’re trying to stay on top of flight prices for specific routes in order to find the cheapest time to book, you’re wasting a lot of precious time. (We know just how much work goes into that!) Why not set up email alerts and let technology take care of the search instead? That way, you can set up email notifications and then let the cheap fares come to you.

That’s especially helpful with airports like DUB, which has 44 different airlines offering upwards of 300 flights each day to 130 different nonstop destinations all over the world. Dublin serves as a gateway to Europe for those coming from the US but offers flights to the UK, the Middle East, and Africa, too.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Dublin (DUB)

What is the airport code for Dublin Airport?

The airport code for Dublin Airport is DUB.

When is high season in Dublin?

The high season in Dublin usually runs from June through August, when temperatures are highest, and it’s least likely to rain. March, specifically St. Patrick’s Day, is another busy time to visit Dublin—over 100,000 people travel to the city each year for the festivities.

When is the best time to visit Dublin?

Visiting Dublin any time between April and September means you’ll join the high-season crowds, but that’s a worthy choice for anyone looking to spend time outdoors. Daily high temperatures during this time usually fall in the 50s and 60s, and it’s ever so slightly less likely to rain than during the winter. If you’re hoping to be in Dublin for a festival, skip the chaotic St. Patrick’s Day period and opt for the Dublin Dance Festival in May or the Dublin Theatre Festival in the fall (held annually over 18 days sometime between September and November) instead.

Does Dublin Airport (DUB) have its own on-site hotel?

There are three hotels right next to the Dublin Airport:

  • Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport: The Carlton Hotel is located five minutes away by a complimentary airport shuttle and offers multiple restaurants and a fitness center. Rooms start at $135 a night, but prices can vary wildly.
  • Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport: This hotel is located a five-minute walk away from the terminals, offering an airport shuttle (so you don’t have to carry your bags there), an on-site restaurant, meeting rooms, and more for $148 and up a night.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport: From $129 a night, you can book a room at the Radisson Blu, which offers a bar and restaurant, breakfast buffet, airport shuttle, and more.

What lounges are available at Dublin Airport (DUB)?

Terminal 1: There is a Terminal 1 Lounge located here, complimentary for Business Class passengers or available for 35€ per person when purchased online and 40€ per person when paid at the reception desk. The lounge offers complimentary drinks and snacks, WiFi, a business center, and comfortable seating. The East Lounge is also located in Terminal 1, just to the left after security, offering respite for those traveling east. Qualifying Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad passengers may use this lounge as well as Airport Club Blue and Gold members, or you can purchase tickets online for 42€ or in-person for 46€. Inside you’ll find a buffet, WiFi, showers, a prayer room, and further amenities.

Terminal 2: An Aer Lingus lounge is located in Terminal 2 next to belt six in the arrivals hall, open to Business Class customers, Advantage and AerSpace fare passengers traveling within Europe, AerClub Silver, Platinum, and Concierge members, Bank of Ireland Mastercard Gold Business card holders, and pre-paid lounge pass holders. The lounge amenities include two showers, access to thousands of magazines through the PressReader app, snacks, and drinks. There is also a Terminal 2 Lounge on the same level as T2 departure gates, with passes available to purchase. While that lounge is not available to passengers who have gone through US Preclearance, there is a 51st & Green lounge near the US departure gates, offering complimentary workspaces, drinks and snacks, WiFi, and shower for business class passengers. You may also purchase a day pass for 41€ when booked in advance online or from 45€ in person.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Dublin Airport (DUB)?

Pets must be kept in their carrying cases in the Dublin airport, and passengers from overseas may need to have paperwork on hand, including a pet passport, microchip, proof of vaccination, and a veterinary health certificate. There is an animal relief area after security in Terminal 2.

How far is Dublin Airport from Dublin?

DUB is located about 6 miles north of the city center, a 20-minute drive.

What are the transportation options for getting from Dublin Airport to Dublin?

There are several options for getting from DUB to downtown Dublin.

  • By taxi or rideshare: You can hail a taxi (including through rideshare apps) directly outside terminals 1 and 2. The cost of a ride from the airport to the city center is about 20-30€.
  • By public transportation: There are a number of buses that serve the Dublin airport and city center. This includes Dublin Express routes #782 and #784, and Dublin Bus routes #16 and #41, among others. Fares typically start around 8€.

How long is the flight to Dublin?

The length of your flight to Dublin depends on where your journey begins. If you’re traveling from London, you can expect a flight time of about 1.5 hours, while flights to Dublin from airports in Western Europe will take more like 2-4 hours. You can fly to Dublin from the East Coast of the US in about 6.5 hours, while it will take more than 10 hours nonstop to fly there from the West Coast.

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