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Flights to Egypt overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members save approximately 39% compared to normal flight prices to Egypt.

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Egypt

Book in the Goldilocks Window

When planning a trip to Egypt, one of the best ways to find good flight deals is to plan ahead. The window for finding deals on international flights is about 2–8 months before a departure date (for domestic destinations, it’s 1–3 months). We call this the Goldilocks Window because it’s not too far before your trip but not too last-minute.

That said, if your dates aren’t flexible or if you plan to travel during peak season, like January in Egypt, look on the earlier side of the window. Look for flights in July for a January trip, for example. While you would think airlines would lower prices as departure dates get close, especially if they need to fill seats, we’ve found that’s not the case. Prices actually rise at the 21-, 14-, and 7-day points before a trip, so book before then if you can.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

Even if you’re constantly checking flight prices, some never seem to get any cheaper. Before you give up and pick a different destination, try our Greek Islands Trick. Despite the name, it can be used all over the world.

If you really want to fly from Atlanta to Cairo in December, for example, you could be looking at flights close to $2,000. Instead, check out flights to London or Istanbul, which can be found for around $700. From there, look for a low-cost airline ticket (sometimes under $300) to Cairo. The point is to get across the ocean and reasonably close to your destination for the cheapest price possible, and then figure out another flight option or other mode of transit for the last leg.

This involves more work—and depending on where you’re stopping, potentially another visa—but it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Search alternative departure airports

Similarly, you can save money by looking for departures outside of your home airport. Travelers living near Hartsfield-Jackson may have never considered flying out of another airport, and why would they, when the world’s busiest airport is in their backyard? But sometimes, you could save money by looking at long-haul flights from other cities.

We see shockingly cheap fares from all sorts of airports every day, like $450 from New York to Cairo. At that rate, it’s worth adding a domestic flight to New York. Sometimes, even Atlanta-area residents can save money by searching for flights from other major airports around the US.

Fly when it’s cheaper

Winter is the busiest time to visit Egypt because the weather is cooler. But more travelers means airlines can charge more for tickets. The cheapest time to travel to Egypt is from June–August, when you can find great flight and hotel deals, but you will also have temperatures regularly above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

We like traveling during shoulder seasons, like late September–October and March–April in Egypt. You’ll get to see the pyramids and other sights with fewer crowds, find better deals, and still have pleasant weather.

If traveling outside of peak season isn’t an option for you, look at flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, which are generally the cheapest days to fly. Avoid Fridays and Sundays, the most expensive days to fly.

Set alerts for specific trips

Keeping track of airfare as it fluctuates is hard work––you don’t have to tell us twice. The good news is that technology can take over some of that work for you.

Set up fare alerts for your travel dates, and you’ll get an email when the fare drops. All you have to do is book. It’s best to do this ahead of the Goldilocks Window we talked about above so you can see prices drop during that time. And if your dates or airports are flexible, set a few alerts. Or, sign up for Going and let us do the work for you.

Egypt has several international airports, though most people will fly into Cairo. It’s a large airport with nonstop flights from 120 destinations in 60 countries. Visitors coming from New York or Washington, DC, can reach Egypt on a nonstop flight, while others will make one connection. From the rest of the world, most visitors can reach Egypt on a nonstop or one-stop flight.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Egypt

When is the high season in Egypt?

Egypt’s high season runs from mid-October to February and peaks in December and January, when people have winter breaks from school and work. Fall and winter are busy because it’s much cooler. Days are still warm but nowhere near as hot as in the summer, which is ideal for spending time outside in the desert and at the pyramids.

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

High season is also the best time to visit for nice weather. To avoid some of the high season crowds, visit on the edges of the season, like early October or late February. If you don’t mind warm weather, late September and March–April are great months to visit and save money. These shoulder seasons see fewer crowds and lower prices, and you still won’t have the stifling heat of June–August. If you’re going to the beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh or Alexandria, you’ll want to visit from late September–early October or March–April so it’s warm enough to swim.

How many airports are there in Egypt?

Egypt has several large airports, but the vast majority of tourists will fly into Cairo International Airport (CAI). Other options are Hurghada International Airport (HRG), Sharm El Sheikh Airport (SSH), Alexandria Borg El Arab Airport (HBE), and Luxor International Airport (LXR).

The only direct flights to Egypt from the US land at Cairo International Airport (CAI).

Which city in Egypt is the easiest to get to?

Cairo is the easiest city in Egypt to get to. The Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the largest airport in Egypt and a gateway to the rest of the country. There are direct flights from New York, Washington, DC, and many international cities to Cairo.

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Egypt?

If you plan to travel with your pet to Egypt, it must be vaccinated for rabies within 30 days of entry. You will also need other vaccinations and a health certificate signed by a USDA-accredited veterinarian and certified by the US Department of State and the Egypt Embassy in the United States.

How long is the flight to Egypt?

A nonstop flight to Egypt from New York or Washington, DC, is about 10 hours. From the rest of the country, you’ll have to make a connection, and your flight time could range from 13–22 hours. From London, you can reach Egypt in 5 hours, from Dubai it’s 3.5 hours. from Beijing it’s 11, and from South America it’s 15–20. From around North Africa, flight time can range from 1–5 hours, while from South Africa the flight time is 8 hours.

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