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Flights to Rome–Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO) overview

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight to Rome–Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO)

Book in the Goldilocks Window

You’d think that airlines would lower flight prices last minute to fill seats, but it’s usually the opposite. In fact, you can pretty much count on prices going up at the 21-day, 14-day, and 7-day points. That’s why it makes sense to book a whole lot sooner.

To get the cheapest fares, we recommend booking 1-3 months before a domestic flight or 2-8 months before an international flight. This is what we call the Goldilocks Window—not too early and not too late. If you’re planning to travel during peak season, though, look at buying flights slightly sooner. Like booking in June or July for a winter trip and December or January for a summer one.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

The Greek Islands are notoriously pricey to get to, which is why this trick exists, but it works for lots of other destinations too. Basically, you book a flight that gets you close—but not all the way—to where you want to go, and then book a cheap regional flight to close the gap and save big time. For example, if you’re trying to get to Rome from the US but flights are expensive, consider buying a roundtrip flight to London and then a flight on to Rome from there for under $200. Or just look for any cheap flight into Italy, such as landing in Venice, Florence, or Bologna, and then take the train to Rome. Since Italy has a great network of trains, consider no airport within the country to be off limits.

While this might mean a little extra research and additional travel time, it might just cut down on the cost of your flight. The key is to get across the ocean or bite a chunk out of the distance for the best price you can find, then get to your destination from closer since regional flights are usually pretty cheap.

Search alternate departure airports

You may also have better luck finding a cheap flight to Rome by departing from a different airport. If you live in Philly, for example, look for flights out of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and even DC to find the best deal rather than paying more to fly out of PHL.

For the greatest savings, you may even want to consider flights departing from airports around the country. We’ve come across fares so cheap that you can still save money even with the added cost of a connecting flight. For example, if there’s a once-in-a-lifetime Mistake Fare from NYC to Rome for $190 roundtrip, it could be worth adding a $200 roundtrip from your home in Seattle to NYC to catch that flight.

Fly when it’s cheap

June, July, and August are considered peak travel season pretty much everywhere in the world, which makes sense considering that much of the Northern Hemisphere sees its most pleasant weather during these months, and families are more flexible when there’s school vacation. To airlines, that means summer is the best time to charge extra for flights. If you want a great deal, you may have to fly during the spring or fall.

It may not always be possible to avoid summer or holiday travel, but there’s still hope for finding cheap flights. The key is to book during the first two weeks or last two weeks of the summer or book flights that leave on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays when prices are typically lower.

Set alerts for specific trips

It’s important to keep an eye on flight prices when you’re thinking of booking a trip, but that doesn’t mean you need to juggle all the research yourself. Just set up some email alerts for specific trips you’re looking at. Then you’ll get an email when the price drops so you know when to book. Just try to set alerts many months in advance (like before the Goldilocks Window) if you can.

Fiumicino is Italy’s busiest airport, with over 200 flights from 15 different airlines that can get you around Europe and beyond.

Frequently asked questions about flying to Rome–Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO)

What is the airport code for Rome-Fiumicino International Airport?

The airport code for Rome-Fiumicino International Airport is FCO.

When is high season in Rome?

High season in Rome coincides with the summer holidays for both the US and Europe, running from late May through September. The weather can get uncomfortably hot during these months—average daily highs are in the high 80s—and you can be sure of running into crowds at all the major tourist sites in the city. Unsurprisingly, the weeks around Easter (which usually falls in March or April) are also busy as tourists come to visit the world capital of Catholicism.

When is the best time to visit Rome?

October and November are probably the best months to visit Rome, as the crowds will have dissipated, but the temperatures are still in the 70s and 60s each day. There are also a number of interesting cultural events and festivals during these months, like the International Rome Film Festival and the 100 Painters of Via Margutta event, which turns Via Margutta into an open-air gallery.

Does Rome-Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) have its own on-site hotel?

There are three hotels on or next to the FCO property.

  • Hilton Rome Airport: This hotel is connected to the Fiumicino airport by an overpass, making it just a short walk to all the terminals. Amenities include an indoor pool, room service, fitness center, and more, and rooms go from $197 a night.
  • HelloSky Air Rooms: HelloSky is located a 2-minute walk away from the terminals on the covered walkway in the Arrival Lounges & Day Rooms area. It offers a bed, shower, courtesy beverage, and more for overnights or short stays between flights starting at $136.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Rome Airport: While slightly further away from the airport, this hotel offers easy access with a shuttle, plus has an on-site restaurant, fitness center, and other amenities starting at $150 a night.

What lounges are available at Rome-Fiumicino International Airport (FCO)?

Terminal 1: ITA Airways (formerly Alitalia) has a Hangar Lounge in this terminal, offering phenomenal Italian food, a full bar, WiFi, and more to Business and Superior Class passengers, Premium and Executive members of the Volare program, and SkyTeam ElitePlus members. There are also Plaza Premium, Prima Vista, and Primeclass lounges in this terminal, open to Priority Pass members or bookable for $65+, $30+, and $45+, respectively.

Terminal 3: In addition to its Air Rooms, HelloSky also has a lounge at FCO, located in front of the terminals under the covered walkway. The lounge has WiFi, snacks, and drinks and is available for free to Priority Pass members. You can also purchase day passes starting at 20€. There are two other Priority Pass lounges in this terminal: Plaza Premium Lounge and Prima Vista, plus an ITA Airway lounge, an Emirates Lounge (accessible to qualifying Emirates passengers), and a British Airways Lounge (open to Club or First Class passengers and Silver and Gold Club Executive members).

What are the rules for traveling with pets to Rome Fiumicino International Airport (FCO)?

Rome’s Fiumicino airport allows pets as long as they comply with safety and airline standards, such as being clean and kept on a leash or in a carrier. There are two animal relief areas in the airport: one by Baggage Claim 14 in Terminal 3 and the other outside of Door 2 in the Terminal 3 arrivals area. For pets to enter the EU, they’ll need to meet microchip requirements and be vaccinated for Rabies.

How far is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) from Rome?

FCO is located nearly 19 miles southwest of the city, about a 35-minute drive.

What are the transportation options for getting from Fiumicino International Airport to Rome?

There are several options for getting from FCO to Rome.

  • By taxi or rideshare: Rideshare apps in Rome aren’t always the most convenient option since they just connect you with local taxis for about $55 to travel from the airport to the city center. Official taxis have a fixed fare of 48€ from the airport to the city center.
  • By public transportation: By far, the easiest way to get to the center of Rome from the Fiumicino airport is by train. One option is to take the Leonardo Express Trenitalia route that runs from the train station just outside of Terminal 3 to Rome’s main Termini station. The train takes a little over half an hour and runs every 15-30 minutes between 6:08am and 11:23pm for 14€ one way. If you don’t mind arriving at a different station in Rome, you can also take the regional F1 train, which costs just 8€ one way but does not stop at Termini.

How long is the flight to Rome?

The length of your flight to Rome will vary depending on where you’re flying from. A flight from London will take 2.5 hours, for example, whereas a flight from the Northeast (like Boston or New York) takes more like 8 and a flight from San Francisco takes closer to 12.

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