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Where can I fly from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)?

Over the last 2 years, we've sent Going members from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to 309 destinations. These are the cheapest flights we've found to each of those destinations.

Flights from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) overview

Going searches for the best fares and sends members deals bookable 1-12 months in advance. Going members near Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) save approximately 40% compared to normal flight prices.

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Book in the Goldilocks Window

Airlines often ramp up prices in the weeks before a flight. While it seems like they would lower prices as flights get close, especially if they’re trying to fill seats, we’ve found that’s not the case. Prices are almost guaranteed to rise at the 21-day, 14-day, and 7-day points. But you should actually be booking a lot sooner than that.

To get the best deal, we recommend booking 1-3 months before a domestic trip or 2-8 months before an international trip. We call this time period the Goldilocks Window because it’s not too far ahead but also not too last minute.

That said, If you’re planning to travel during peak season, like summer or winter holidays, we suggest looking for flights even further ahead of time. Think June or July for a winter trip and December or January for a summer vacation.

Use the Greek Islands Trick

The Greek Islands Trick doesn’t only work for Greek Islands, but let’s use them as an example. Say you want to fly from Newark to Naxos in June, but tickets are $1,200 roundtrip. Consider flying to London instead for $500 roundtrip. From there, you could find a flight to Naxos for under $200. Flights within Europe are often cheaper, especially if you’re willing to fly on a budget airline.

Focus on getting across the ocean or finding the cheapest flight that gets you close to your final destination. Then, look for a separate flight, train, or ferry ticket (you could even rent a car if you have extra time and are up for road-tripping) that closes the gap. It requires a bit more time and planning, but the savings can be worth it.

Search alternate airports

If you live in Newark, you’re probably already in the habit of looking for flights not just out of Liberty but out of LaGuardia and JFK as well. But it might be worth looking even farther away, like Philadelphia or Boston. When looking at long-haul flights, it can sometimes even make sense to look at flights departing from airports around the country.

If you live in New York or nearby, why would you look for flights out of Miami, Chicago, or LA? Because sometimes, airlines drop amazing deals for cities that are worth the connecting flight. Like, deals so good it’s hard to believe they’re real. We’ve seen $63 from Atlanta to Chile roundtrip, for example. Or $202 from Los Angeles to Japan. Sounds worth adding a domestic flight across the country to us.

Fly at the cheapest times

Summer is the peak season for travel in most of the world, New Jersey included. School’s out, families take vacations, and people sometimes have more work flexibility. Of course, with more people traveling, flight prices tend to rise.

We like to fly during shoulder season, the time between the peak and low travel times. Not only does this time offer the best opportunity to save money, but you get to see the world with fewer tourists.

Sometimes though, you have to travel during peak seasons. If that’s the case, try to fly on cheaper days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Unsurprisingly, Fridays and Sundays, when people take weekend trips, are usually the most expensive days.

Set up fare alerts

Email alerts are your friend. They help you stay on top of constantly changing flight prices without having to manually check them. Set an alert, and you’ll receive an email when the price drops down to a specific range. We recommend doing this at least a few months before you plan to travel to get the best deal.

Newark Liberty is a major hub for United Airlines, but more than 30 airlines operate out of the airport. There are nonstop flights from EWR to more than 80 domestic destinations and dozens of international destinations. It’s a big, well-connected airport, so can reach much of the world with one connection.

Frequently asked questions about flying from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

What is the airport code for Newark Liberty International Airport?

The airport code for Newark Liberty International Airport is EWR.

Does Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) have its own on-site hotel?

There is one on-site hotel at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR). The Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott is on airport grounds and has a complimentary shuttle service to and from all terminals. The hotel has three restaurants, a 24-hour fitness center, and a business room. Rooms start at around $250 per night.

What lounges are available at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)?

Terminal A: Terminal A has a United Club. An Admirals Club, Delta Sky Club, and Centurion Lounge are reportedly opening soon in the recently added terminal. The United Club near gate A27 has self-scan access, local artwork, workstations, recliner seats, a dining room, a full-service bar with nice bar seating, another beverage station, a water bottle refill station, and a hot and cold buffet. Premium cabin customers, Star Alliance Gold members, United Club members, and those with one-time United Club passes can use the lounge.

Terminal B: Terminal B is home to the British Airways Lounge, Delta Sky Club, Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge, SAS Lounge, and USO Center. The British Airways Lounge has showers, luggage storage, a children’s area, TVs, snacks, a full-service bar, food available to order, and computers and TVs. The Delta Sky Club has snacks, a full-service bar, newspapers and magazines, and printing services. The Lufthansa Business Lounge, Lufthansa Senator Lounge, and SAS Lounge also have snacks, a full-service bar, newspapers and magazines, and printing services. The Business Lounge is only accessible to passengers departing from Terminal B.

Terminal C: United has two United Clubs and a United Polaris Lounge in Terminal C. One is a pop-up location near Gate C93 that has drinks, snacks, and WiFi. The United Club location has food, a full-service bar, showers, a coffee bar, and TVs. Finally, the United Polaris Lounge has showers, premium food, a full-service bar, internet terminals, newspapers and magazines, and quiet suites.

Does Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) have facilities for those traveling with pets?

Service animals must be leashed at all times. Non-service animals must be in a carrier when not in a pet relief area.

Pet relief areas:

  • Terminal A at arrivals (outside security)
  • Terminal A near restrooms after security (inside security)
  • Terminal B near gate B1 (inside security)
  • Terminal B near gate B58 (inside security)
  • Terminal B near gate B67 (inside security)
  • Terminal C near gate C131 (inside security)
  • Terminal 2 lower level Door 2A (outside security)

How many terminals are there in Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)?

Newark Liberty has three terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C,

Terminal A: Terminal A was recently opened and was the largest investment in New Jersey in the Port Authority’s history. It features public art, lots of shopping, local restaurants, a children’s play area, and nursing suites. Air Canada, American Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines operate out of Terminal A. (United also operates out of Terminal C). Restaurants include Bluestone Lane Coffee, Ess-A-Bagel, Shake Shack, The Office Tavern Grill, Zaro’s Bakery, and more. Passengers can shop at an Artist PopShop, MAC, Kiehl’s, Tumi, Sunglass Hut, and more.

Terminal B: Terminal B is a domestic and international terminal with service from Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Air Premia, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, British Airways, Delta, Egyptair, El Al, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Frenchbee, Icelandair, La Compagnie, LOT–Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Porter, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Sun Country, Spirit, Swiss, TAP Air Portugal and Turkish Airlines. It has a Belgian Beer Cafe and Budweiser Brew House, Piattino’s Pizza, Liberty Diner, Dunkin’, and more. There are also two pharmacies, a Kylie Cosmetics, electronics stores, and gift shops.

Terminal C: Terminal C is home to United Airlines and three of its lounges at Newark Liberty. There’s also a Little Purse restaurant, Vesper Tavern, Forno Magico, Wabi Sabi, Garden State Diner, Smashburger, Caps Bear Garden, and about a dozen other dining options, as well as a pharmacy, gift shop, and electronics store.

Does EWR have CLEAR?

At Newark Liberty Airport, CLEAR is available at Terminal A, Gates 40-47 in Terminal B, and Terminal C.

Does EWR have TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is available at EWR at checkpoints in all terminals.

Does EWR have Global Entry?

Global Entry is available for international arrivals at EWR. Enrollment by appointment is available in Terminal B on level one. Enrollment on arrival is also available in Terminal B and Terminal C.

How early should I arrive to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) before my flight?

Newark Liberty recommends arriving at the airport two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. But do you really need to be there that early? Or should you get there even earlier? Well, it depends.

Where’s your gate? Newark is a pretty large airport, and if you’re walking to, say, Gate C132, it could take 15-20 minutes to get there, so check your gate.

Are you checked in? If you can check in online, you’ll save some time. Airlines have a check-in cutoff, typically 30-60 minutes before departing. So if you can’t check in online, you’ll have to get there in time to wait in the check-in line.

Are you checking luggage? Like with check-in, every airline also has a cutoff time when they stop accepting checked luggage. This is usually 45-60 minutes before the flight.

How busy is the airport? On an average day, the security wait at Newark Liberty is about 23 minutes, but it’s a popular business travel airport, and on Mondays, the wait can be up to 60 minutes. Wait times can also be long if you’re traveling around a holiday, during summer, or on busier days like Friday and Sunday.

Because of the various factors at EWR, we recommend arriving at least one hour before your flight, but 1.5-2 hours is a safer bet most days.

How far is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) from downtown Newark?

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is about 4 miles from downtown Newark, or a 15-minute drive depending on traffic. From NYC it’s about 12 miles, but the drive can take an hour or more in traffic.

What are the different transportation options for going from the city center to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)?

There are several options for traveling from Newark to EWR.

By taxi or ride share: Less than five miles from the airport, Newark is about a $15-20 taxi or rideshare ride.

By public transportation: The AirTrain connects the airport with New Jersey Transit. It takes about 15 minutes to run from Newark Penn Station to EWR. The ticket is typically $8.25, but it’s included in your overall ticket price, so if you’re departing from or heading to another station, it could vary.

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